I couldn’t prevent my wife Brenda’s death.

After 6 years and 7 months, I have let go the guilt that I promised to bring Brenda back from Hong Kong to where I was living in Kuala Lumpur – 2 months before fateful day on 23rd December 2013.

There were countless signs that proved that Brenda Jose’s crossing over was meant to be, and there was nothing in the Universe that could have prevented it from happening.

7 Afterlife Signs Why Brenda José Crossover Was Meant To Be

Firstly, the prediction from Hong Kong’s famous blind Kowloon Fortune Teller that Brenda will die at 60 years old did not come true. She reveal this to me when she last visited me in October 2013. Due her own Karma and Earth’ human beings’ Collective Big Karmic Debt, she was needed as an Angel 9 years earlier than was written in the heavens and astrology.

Secondly, the weeks, the months, and the year 2014 following her crossover, the countless Afterlife Signs were highly significant for me, my fellow Malaysians and Hongkongers, and the world at large.



Thirdly, for example, two weeks after Brenda’s Crossover, Angel Brenda warned me about a Near Death Experience of my father. I was alerted in time before my father nearly bleed internally to death from an undetected stomach ulcer bleeding, from taking pain-killer pills. He lost a lot of blood and needed 11 pints of blood.


Fourthly, 75 days after her crossover, MH370 disappeared on Saturday, 8th March 2014. My cousin was supposed to be on that flight but he swapped with a colleague. 12 Freescale Semiconductor employees from Malaysia and 8 from China were on MH370.


Fifthly, Divine intervention saved my cousin and my intern and a total of 50 UiTM exchange students from MH370. Read the untold story of MH370.


Sixthly, she previously warned me that there would be a massive human tragedy but I misread of the 81 years overdue Cascadia Tsunami.

She gave me further Afterlife Signs in 2019, and I had to undergo a General Anesthesia surgery in Hong Kong in July 2019 to give a psychic premonition of millions of people will be hospitalized in the near future. The massive human tragedy turned out to be Covid-19 pandemic and the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.


Robert underwent a minor GA surgery to remove a carbuncle (a cluster of boils)

Seventhly, she needed to “line the ducks” for 2 interrelated future mega projects, Robren EWorld and Robren Mega EMall, the world’s first parallel universe emall chain which idea was born on 20th April 2020.

The Fall of Shopping Malls. The Rise of Mega EMalls.


I misread MH370 Captain Zaharie, could it be a Murder-Suicide?
(A MH370 Captain Zaharie Side Story)

Today, something dawned on me. I previously wrote I ghost-whispered with MH370 Captain Zaharie. Angel Brenda connected me with Captain Zaharie. I knew MH370 was flown by Captain Zaharie a few days after it disappeared. There were documentaries that proved Captain Zaharie flew pass Penang his hometown, but after this my conversations with Captain Zaharie revealed he flew towards Maldives, and “gently” landed MH370 along the Madagascar arc – in one piece.

Previously I had the understanding that Captain Zaharie wanted to hijack the plane and fly to Maldives, and do his heroic act, that is to tell the world to save Anwar Ibrahim who was charged for 5 years for sodomy on Friday the day before MH370 disappeared. He was upset that his hero would not be able to run for Prime Minister.

Today it dawned on me that I might have misinterpreted connecting the dots that maybe it was after all a murder-suicide mission as most MH370 aviation experts concluded, rather than a heroic mission went wrong.

But the big but is most pilot murder-suicide crashed the plane within 35 minutes of take off. Why did Captain Zaharie flew for 8 hours until MH370 ran out of fuel, WHY, Captain Zaharie?

Written uncensored by: Robert Chaen

Published: 23rd July 2020.