* You may be in isolation due to the pandemic, but you can still search for love, with a fresh online dating profile.
* If you’re already dating but living apart, you can go online to cook a meal, watch a film or play games together.
Restaurants, bars, gyms, malls and practically anywhere you could have taken your date are mostly all closed. Many people are abiding by CDC guidelines and practising social distancing, so even if you go outside on a date you’d be having a very loud conversation, being at least six feet away from each other.
“If anything, this can be a really great time to make meaningful connections with other single people who probably feel the exact same way as you,” said Shan Boodram, host of Sexology With Shan on Quibi.
While you may have to postpone your first in-person date or meeting up for drinks, it doesn’t mean you can’t still meet someone new. There are plenty of fish in the sea, as the saying goes, so remember there are other singles self isolating and as lonely as you are.
Put effort into creating a unique online dating profile
You’re clearly not going to be meeting anyone at a bar or striking up a conversation with your gym crush any time soon, so try your hand at online dating, whether it’s Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, The League or Tinder – the apps are endless, download them all.
“With online dating, you have access to text chatting and video calling, which is a great way for singles to have that human connection while not increasing the risk of catching the virus,” said Maria Sullivan, vice-president of Dating.com.
With your new-found free time, you can put effort into creating a unique dating profile. Play dress-up and take selfies or self-timed photos around your home to upload to your profile.
Online dating during the coronavirus will also give you time to really get to know the other person.
“In this swipe-based world, we’ve become so used to writing someone off within the first few seconds. Maybe take the time to go deeper with one person at a time – give them a proper chance,” said Dawoon Kang, chief executive of Coffee Meets Bagel.
“Slow dating can be a faster way to get to the type of genuine connections you might be looking for.”
Try acts of generosity … from a distance
Self-isolating is a challenging premise for people who show love through quality time or physical touch, but this is where acts of service and words of affirmation shine.
Boodram suggests editing each other’s resumes, sending them articles, or “thinking of things you could do to make your significant other’s life a little easier.”
These are difficult times for everyone, so doing a nice gesture for the person you’re dating can go a long way especially when you can’t physically be together.
Order the highly coveted toilet paper for them, or maybe their favourite comfort meal, especially if your significant other is feeling anxious or sad about the news.
Take video chats to the next level
You and your quarantined significant other can still have quarantine dates via any video-chatting service. (We’re looking at you green text bubbles.)
While it’ll be a little different from physically being in the same space, FaceTime dates allow for a little creativity and can even help you get to know your date better.
You can still Netflix and chill via FaceTime. Just ring up your date and plop them next to you on the couch.
“Pick a movie that you have both never seen, make some movie snacks, for yourself of course, and watch the movie together over video chat simultaneously. You can laugh together or be scared together depending on the movie,” said Sullivan. “Afterwards you and your date and discuss what you thought of the film.”
You can also play games or make dinner together. Sullivan suggests tackling a dish that neither of you has made and seeing whose looks more delicious.
You can spice things up by turning it into a social distancing Chopped, as Toria Malia has been doing with her followers. Malia posts three basket items at 6.30pm EDT and gives her followers an hour to whip up a meal and post photos with a description of what they’ve prepared.
“There are so many fun games to play over video chat that will keep you and your date entertained for hours. You can play games that allow you to get to know each other such as Two Truths and a Lie or Never Have I Ever,” said Sullivan.

“While on the other hand, you can just play fun games that pass time like charades and 20 Questions.”


The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t mean an end to dating: how to search for love, have a date and keep your relationship going.

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Finding Creative Ways to Dating and Relationship-building during the Pandemic

Published: 27th June 2020.


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