A short story about a pawn shop, losing all money and selling a property to fund Robert’s first startup, firewalking, and the beginning of ChangeU and Robren EWorld.

Robert Chaen’s late father, Michael, and late Grandma once invested in a Pawn Shop many years ago but lost a few thousands ringgit.

His father invested in a second investment with his cousin to start a tiny Tin Dishwashing business in Gopeng, a small town 18km from my hometown Ipoh. But after one year it failed.

Because of these 2 investment failures, Robert’s late Dad well-meaningly advised him not to be an Entrepreneur.

By a combination of fate, destiny, and drama he didn’t take his father’s advice. He sold his first Kornhill Hong Kong property to fund his first Training Startup called Business Dynamics.

He hired 2 top Trainers from Malaysia – Andy Bandara and David Ng (prodigies of Dato’ Lawrence Chan Kum Peng, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Personal Development Leadership Management Corporation).

Business Dynamics - compressed

Publicity in South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)



One year later Robert lost all his money, and he lost his shirt.

But 3 years later he started Strategi Consultants which brought Asia’s Corporate FireWalk with Nestlé Hong Kong, and the World’s First & Only Live Charity FireWalk for TVB-Tung Wah Charity Show. They raised $68 million that night of charity fundraising, and the FireWalk section was the most watched TV event of the year in 1994.

FireWalk page

Wide coverage of Robert’s FireWalk that Robert Chaen became known as “The Father of Asian FireWalk”, many years before Tony Robbins made Firewalking popular in Asia.

Strategi later evolved and renamed ChangeU. Another 7 years later in 2000, Robert’s late wife Brenda José joined his company and together ChangeU became one of Asia’s biggest and most successful Change Experts – in just 5 years. Robert and Brenda became famous as The Dynamic Duo, Asia’s Only Couple Corporate Coaches.

Three years after Brenda crossed over (in 2013), the name Robren was born which is a combined name of Robert and Brenda.

On 20th April 2020, in the middle of coronavirus pandemic and the world’s biggest economic and movement lockdown in history, the twin idea of Robren EMalls and a few days later Robren EWorld were born.

Robren's 24th Anniversary

Like the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who built the iconic The Taj Mahal to house the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, Robert wanted to built a new iconic building for his late wife Brenda called Robren EMalls, the World’s First Themed EMalls.

One day Robert will invite his queen Brenda into Robren EWorld.

Like George Lucas (Star Wars), Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park), andWalt Disney (Disney World), Robert wants to create a Themed Robren EWorld outside the 12 EFloors of Robren Themed EMalls.

The first two Theme Signature Characters Robert created are Robert-San and LobertChai. He is currently creating other wonderful VR characters who will EInteract with EConsumers and ETenants.

Watch out. The world and EWorld will never be the same again, after coronavirus and with  Robren EWorld.

Robren EWorld Mission - crop

Robren EWorld’s Mission:
Building honest, scam-free, online EEntrepreneurs towards growth summit stage.

Published: 5th May 2020.

A pawn shop, a father’s two failed startups 70 years ago, Robert’s failed first startup, the beginning of ChangeU and Asian Firewalking, and the birth of Robren EWorld during coronavirus pandemic.



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