A prose about scarcity, abundance, a MONKey, MONey, the politics of the jungle, enjoying the freedom of the best things in life, playing a folly in the fool’s journey, and wondering about the roads not taken.

Yesterday I decided it’ll be the last time I’ll ask to borrow money for personal use.

I’m not a beggar, typically a homeless one, who lives by asking for money or food.

I’m a not monk, a member of a religious community of men typically living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

I’m A MONKey…
who symbolically lives freely in the monkey forest, finding free fruits and food from nature, sheltering from the rain under trees, rocks, or caves, and going with the flow of rivers and streams. I live in a monkey community, sometimes there are fights and friendly competition over food, but I don’t go the village to steal food or beg from human beings.

The Price You Pay in Your Tribe

I have matured. I have decided and fought to be the new Alpha Male in my tribe. Some competing males hate me but respect my Alpha Leader status.

But the jungle can be a kind of democracy. There is freedom to choose, to vote with your loyalty and allegiance to your favourite small and big leaders in return for protection, guidance, status, favours, love, and ripe bananas, to fight or flight, to express, to criticize, to keep check and balance, to do the right thing, to have integrity, ethics, and purpose.

The Best Things In Life Are FREE…
like the full moon, the sun, the stars, the air, rain water, the mountain, the ocean, Earth, Wind & Fire (forest). This is liberty at its highest.

Only human beings fight wars to control Mother Earth, oil, land, shipping routes, fishing areas, country borders, flight airspace, and now the Moon, Mars and outer space, also simply called space.

When we die we take nothing with us to the other side, absolutely nothing.

No Lamborghini, no toys, no condo, no assets, no money, no stocks, no clothes, no watches or jewelry, no family or friends.

So you are left with what, when you die?

Ask yourself this profound question.

Because nothing really matters to me.

“Choose a folly and play it out as though it matters – knowing all the time it doesn’t. Nothing truly matters.”
~ Whisperer Robert Chaen

Choose Your Favourite Folly:
your roles, religion, race, god, love, relationship, personality, pastime, wealth, diet, dream and job.

We start out our life journey as the fool in the fool’s journey. We are protected from harm when we remain innocent. The moment we play it out as though it matters, we lose our innocence.

Play it out as though it matters but don’t be attached to anything or anyone, your life partner, your parents. We start to be attached to our roles we play, we start to identify with our body, our beauty, and our body’s disorders, we start labeling our disorders like bipolar disorder, narcissistic disorder and it becomes our ego, and dis-ease.

This is the true irony of the road less traveled – the road not taken.

Do you ever wonder why have you not gone along the road not taken, or the road you least traveled?

Take your broken heart and turn it into art - Carrie Fisher

You are not a beggar or a monk.

You may have lost your job or business in coronavirus global lockdown.
You may be so bored or so scared to #StayAtHome or to #WorkFromHome, but you can choose to be proactive, not reactive to the daily bad news of economic lockdown and coronavirus.


You Don’t Have To Live A Miserable Monk Life Of Poverty…
an imaginary prison you created to unconsciously punish yourself because you believe you don’t deserve the best things in life. You believe you are a nobody.

My Money Beliefs

You believe you never have enough money, because you have very negative beliefs about money from conditioning first from your well meaning parents, then your siblings, friends, relatives, bosses, religion, race, place, You think your family and friends or the government have abandoned you.

You are not a beggar or monk

You Are A MONKey

You have the KEY to MONey,
you can’t wait for MONday, the first day at work,
you are proud to display the MONtage of photos in social media,
you create the MONa Lisa, your masterpiece of your best work,
you kill the MONster you created in the past,
you leave behind your legacy in a MONument.

You Are Your MONarch…
you decide who you want to be, if not someone will decide your life for you, you control all aspects of your life, if not your boss, your government, your religion, your race, and your parents will control all aspects of your life.

This is liberty at its highest.

You can control your life


Be monkey.
Be leaf.
Fall with humility and be free.

Be Leaf. Fall with humility and be free.


Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda

Written: Robren
Robren is combined name of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda.

Published: 30th April 2020.





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Yesterday was the last time I asked to borrow money. I’m not a beggar. I’m a not a Monk. I’m a MONKey.