Coronavirus has made many people rethink about money, spending, income sources, essentials, excess, and most importantly money beliefs and our core values.

Recovery Magical Exercises Webinar with DC Cordova, Money & You - TIME

Robert Kiyosaki

Summary of Key Pointers from Recovery Magical Exercises Webinar by Doria Cordova, CEO of Money & You:

The webinar was full of self-reflective questions mostly surrounding our beliefs about money. You can also do these exercises.

The 5 Money Belief Questions

Q1. Write down some of your perception of your mother’s most negative thoughts or beliefs about money?

A1. My answer: My Mum most negative beliefs about money: My mum was a housewife all her life while my Dad was a traveling salesman. She often sweetly ‘complain’ that she worked only for our Chen family. She would sacrifice her own personal spending for her children, clothing, food, etc.

My Mum had fantasized how much business she could had made had she operated a weekend food stall in Perak Turf Club like how her brother’s ex-wife operated a very lucrative, the famous Perak Turf Club Assam Laksa. My Mum and GrandMa sold Nyonya Kueh (cakes) during the Japanese occupation of Malaya in the World War 2.

My Mum was a ‘MasterChef’ with her many famous Nyonya Recipes such as Chicken Curry (sold out during Building Trust Annual Fun Fair at St. Michael’s Institute, Ipoh), Penang Birthday Lam Mee, Penang Fish Otak-Otak, Perut Ikan (fish stomach with leaves), Kapitan curry Chicken, Inchi Kabin (Nyonya deep-fried chicken), Hokkien Prawn Noodles, and Penang Lobak. Ok, I digress when I come to foodie.

My HAKKA-Peranakan “Chen-Yeap” ancestry lineagein Malaya is way much longer than Tun Mahathir’s Kerala ancestry.


Q2. Write down some of your perception of your father’s most negative thoughts or beliefs about money?

A2. My answer: My Dad’s most negative beliefs about money: Don’t start any business unless you have a lot of money which my Dad was not rich.

I became an entrepreneur at the age of 31 in Hong Kong. I had to rise above and beyond his father’s shadow who advised me from young not to be like him as he lost his small investments of a few thousand ringgits in two business startups.

My father failed twice as an investor in two side businesses. One business was a tiny tin mine operations in Sungei Siput with his cousin. The second is a pawn shop in Tapah with Chee Choy, a close MTC Distributor which Robert’s Grandma also invested about one thousand ringgit. It only lasted a year.

My late Dad advised him that my father was not a tycoon like Robert Kuok, so he can’t help, rescue, or fund any of my new businesses.

Inherit money beliefs from our parents


Q3. Write down the most negative thinking or beliefs at school (teachers), college, church (temple, mosque, cult, etc.), holy books, BFF, Godparents, Ex-boss about money?

A3. My answer: The love of money is the root of all evil (from my Pentecostal Christian – Assembly Of God beliefs). You must pay for your Karmic Debts when you have worldly desires and cravings (from my Buddhist-Taoism beliefs). Money is filthy, dirty. You cannot make money from your talents and gifts given by god (from my New Age beliefs), you must not have any name or fame, the world will end soon, renounce all worldly ambitions, you can be rich only in Golden Age (Sat Yuga) or Heaven in India (from myBrahma Kumaris cult beliefs).

NOTE:  Your mother and father, school teachers, religion, or even your ex-boss have a tremendous impact on our belief systems about money.

Your beliefs influence how much you fill up your bucket of money


Q4. Write down some of your most negative thoughts or beliefs about money?

A4. My answer: My most negative beliefs about money are I’m old, I have nothing to show. I need to cut costs. No fresh income makes me most depressed and paralyzed.


Cut your limiting root money beliefs from

Q5. Now transform your most negative money beliefs into your new most powerful money beliefs?

A5. My answer:  My opposite transformed beliefs are I’m abundant, very wise, I’m The Whisperer, I have numerous connections, mastery, I’m free, I attract money opportunities, I’m powerful beyond imagination, I’m blessed I have very good health, my fans and people are attracted and touched by my life experience, my taking charge of my Bipolar Disorder, I inspire many invisible others. I’m worthy of my blessings.

Money Affirmations

Take deep breaths as you declare these new Money Affirmations daily.




#RobertReview: 9.5 | 10

Money & You Recovery Magical Exercises are very healing for my mind and mindset. I highly recommend you spend 30 minutes to one hour to ponder and reflect the 5 Money Belief Questions – it will be the best time investment you’ll make this month.

Written: Robert Chaen

Published: 8th April 2020.
Updated: 9th April 2020.



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