A short story about the how Robert Chaen interprets the prolific afterlife signs and predictions from Angel Brenda, his Twin Soul  (with many links to related articles)

23rd December 2019 is the 6th Memorial Anniversary of Brenda José, my late wife and Twin Soul.

Brenda's Ossuary

The Soul Agreement

Six years ago I made a promise, actually I made a “Soul Agreement” with Brenda in her last 25 minutes of her life. In the last 7 minutes I surrendered first to God, The Universe and I surrendered to Brenda to answer to the Call of our Twin Soul Mission.

● The Angel Whisperer

The next day, on Christmas Eve 2013, I became the Angel Whisperer.

That day Brenda wrote her obituary through me. She revised it seven times especially who she wanted to list as her family and relatives. She wanted all her dogs listed – SunDance (the golden retriever), Chupa Chups (the english bulldog), and Chelsea (the mongrel).

That day my writing changed dramatically, forever. I was channelling angelic Brenda whom I now call Angel Brenda as opposed to Brenda the human being whom I lived with for 18 years.

Mt Agung Portrait

Brenda & Robert at Mt. Batur, Bali

● Deciphering Angel Brenda’s Code

It took me a good one year to understand on a basic level what she wanted to us to do, to connect the dots, to decipher what I call “Angel Brenda’s Code”. Brenda began to reveal to me countless insights into The 7 Dimensions of The Universe, where ghosts and guardian angels are, Karma, Big Karmic Debts, Kitsunes and Dajis (the good and bad 9 tailed symbolic foxes who enter our lives and seduce us, and how to escape a Daji Karmic Debt), and even the time of birth and death of the Soul.

● The Inter-Connecting Circles of Souls

Angel Brenda sent all types of souls to me, I call them the “Inter-Connecting Circles of Souls”:
The Circles of Souls are inter-connected with you from both your past lives and your current lifetime: to encounter, to help me, to help them, to work with them, to influence them, to accelerate their Karmic Lessons, to release their Big Karmic Debts, to liberate, to connect the dots, to decipher Angel Brenda’s Code, to write their stories, to help them discover their life’s purpose, and countless other activities with countless, ever-changing circles of Souls.

● Angelic Interventions

I believe Angel Brenda saved my cousin from MH370. Twenty staff from his company, Freescale Semiconductors (now called NXP) were on MH370. Twelve from Malaysia, eight from China, he had a ‘last supper’ with many of them a few nights earlier. Through angelic intervention my cousin chose March 8th 2014 as his wedding day. I believe in fate, predestiny, free will, and Karma.

I believe Angel Brenda saved 50 UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA) from MH370. Puteri Nabila, the head of one of UiTM foreign exchange student groups booked herself and 49 others for the first flight to Beijing on a second Saturday weekend in March. MH370 took off at 00:42 MYT on March 8th 2014. Read the Untold Story of MH370.

● Dark Secrets & Liberating Secrets

Puteri Nabila was my first Malay intern in my company in 2015. She shared the untold MH370 story how for no reason Beijing cancelled the Foreign Exchange program, they went to Vietnam instead. She never told anybody until she revealed to me. It was Nabila’s “Dark Secret”. The truth is this Dark Secret is actually a “Liberating Secret”, a secret that liberates the Soul.

● Safe Witnesses and Whisperers

When you confess to a “Safe Witness” (one who accepts and does not judge, not a toxic witness), or a “Whisperer” (one who connects and communicates with Good Angels, not Dark Angels), your Dark Secret will be transformed into your most powerful and empowering Liberating Secret.

● Afterlife Signs: Soul Encounters of The Second Kind are proof and physical evidence of an Angel or a Ghost

NOTE: Afterlife Signs from Guardian Angels can be very meaningful and assuring to the receiver, but are totally meaningless to others. Just like some dates especially your birthday is very meaningful to you but is totally meaningless to strangers unless it is the same day their birthday or their family or friend’s birthday.

● 2937 and 3729 Car License Afterlife Signs
On the Brenda’s 6th Memorial Anniversary in the afternoon of 23rd December 2019, Angel Brenda gave me 2 Afterlife Signs with both of our Compound Soul Numbers – within 37 minutes from each other, within a 150m range in Pudu area, Kuala Lumpur.

● Compound Soul Numbers

Your Compound Soul Number is derived from adding all your numbers of your birthday, month, and birth-year. For example, Taylor Swift’s birthday is 13th December 1989. Therefore, Taylor Swift’s Compound Number is 13 + 12 + 1989 = 52.

Brenda’s Compound Soul Number is 29, and my Compound Soul Number is 37. So our combined Twin Soul Compound Numbers are 3729 and 2937. Hong Kong and Malaysian car licence plate numbers follow some British Commonwealth system with 1 to 4 numbers and alphabets.

3729 Car License Afterlife Sign

2937 Car License Afterlife Sign.jpg

So that day I felt a super strong urge to cycle to Pudu area for lunch. This was rather unusual for me to cycle to Pudu as it was very hot to cycle in the noon sun. And there it was, a car with licence plate (VAX) 3729 (video link: https://tinyurl.com/qknuqwp) was right in front of me, I had to chase after the fast driving utility car to take a video, but not too near to freak out the driver. 37 minutes later and some 150m away, a car with licence plate (KEK) 2937 drove pass me. That’s crazy, woo woo!
Watch video: https://tinyurl.com/so99bne

2937 HK Car License Afterlife Sign.jpg
The first time it happened was on 12th July 2019, the day I was hospitalized for general anaesthetic minor surgery to remove a carbuncle. A car with licence plate (MD) 2937 parked right in front of me in Sheung Shui, Hong Kong.
Watch video: https://tinyurl.com/s37aa8k

Robert in North District Hospital

Robert undergoing carbuncle surgery on 13th July 2019, at North District Hospital, Hong Kong

● My first ever hospitalization in Hong Kong in July 2019 was Angel Brenda giving me a psychic premonition that millions around the world will be HOSPITALIZED because of Coronavirus Pandemic, many for the first time – 5  months ahead of time.

The second symbol was the VENTILATOR which the most demanded apparatus that provide mechanical ventilation by moving breathable air into and out of the lungs of a patient who is physically unable to breathe. Brenda was in a ventilator in her last days as all her organs were had failed or failing including her heart.

My Sudden General Anesthesia Surgery Experience in Hong Kong and My Second Chance.

● “Manifesting A Symbolic Sign or Compound Soul Number Right In Front Of You” Experiment

Whether you believe in Afterlife Signs or not, whatever your faith is, now is good time for an interesting experiment for you to calculate your Compound Soul Number, and your partner’s Compound Soul Number, and see if you notice these combination numbers in the car in front of you. From my experience, if the number ever appear, it will be very obvious driving right in front of you, and you don’t even have to go out of the way to look at parked cars, etc.

● The Angel with The Most Afterlife Signs

Knowing I need proof and evidence of The Afterlife, Angel Brenda send me her first irrefutable Afterlife Sign 2 hours after she crossed over.

7-11-mark-six   7-11 Mark Six held by Robert

● Watch YouTube video:
Proof of Angel Brenda’s First Afterlife Sign Two Hours After She Died: 7 & 11 Mark Six numbers

● The Angel with the most Afterlife Predictions


7 Covid-19 Predictions by Robren

Seven Coronavirus PREDICTIONS by Robren. There will be 3 Waves and Global Recession.



Accept my humble apologies
My earlier whisperings especially from 2014 were quite raw, unrefined, had too many details as I wanted to document everything like an Investigative Journalist – but they were direct, potent, truthful, and insightful. I really wanted to get “The Truth Out There!” as my head, mind, spirit, heart, and my Soul were bursting out of the seams with new knowledge, insights, and truths. I wrote first to heal myself.

I’m now polishing my writing craft, by learning from famous writing masters.

It has taken me 6 years now.
And it’s just the beginning.
You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.


“I met an Angel woman.

She took my heart away.
She said I have to clear Karma comin’ to me,

But I don’t know any better, anyways.

Oooh, she looked at me with big brown eyes and said

B-B-B-Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
I’ve seen a lot of things, but I’m not yet been everywhere.”

(adapted from Bachman Turner Overdrive – You ain’t seen nothing yet 1974)


Written by:
Robert Chaen is The Whisperer. He writes at RobertChaen.com, interviews people on ‘Soul Encounters of The Third Kind’ with guardian angels and ghosts.
His views are not necessarily the views of his related companies, staff, or graduates.

If you are journalist or media and would like to interview Robert, or you have a great afterlife story to share, or to be interviewed, pm here.

Whisperer Robert Chaen - Sensing, Knowing, Attracting.jpg

About Robert Chaen
Robert Chaen is a change expert, corporate trainer, headhunter, entrepreneur, mastermind strategist, media host, and writer. He is the CEO of ChangeU, an international training, consulting, executive search, media, and capital market group. This was mainly his daytime career until recently.

His first job was a Copywriter in the top ad agency J Walter Thompson. He worked with Leo Burnett, and is a US-certified FranklinCovey Trainer (7 Habits). He is “Asia’s Father of FireWalking” who raised HK$65m in the World’s first and only live charity Firewalk show with TVB-Tung Wah Hospital. Robert is called the CEO-Celebrity Whisperer, coaching secrets of success, leadership, and transformation to Fortune 500 managers in Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Jardines, and Public Bank.

He was touched by a personal tragedy through the loss of his Hong Kong-born Portuguese wife of 17 years, co-coach and business partner, Brenda José. The scientific-minded and skeptical Robert received Brenda’s first irrefutable proof of the Afterlife, two hours what she crossed over to the other side. The very next day on Christmas Eve 2013, Robert became The Whisperer, channeling Angel Brenda, and writing eBooks, and short stories about close encounters with one’s guardian angels and the ghost of Captain Zaharie of MH370, discovering one’s purpose, attracting love and wealth, exposing scams and cults, releasing karmic lessons, afterlife signs, angelic interventions, and countless universal truths about the Universe.

Written: 26th December 2019.
First Published: Brenda’s 58th Birthday, 7th April 2020.
Updated: 10th April 2020.

Angel Bre nda - most afterlife signs and predictions   Elephant Cave Dieties


There are many articles I’ve written over the years but have not published for various reasons listed below:
● For my own healing only, not for other people’s eyes.
● The article is still too raw for publication.
● I’m not ready to share what I wrote, maybe because I’m not ready for the repercussions or hostile trolls e.g. if it is related to religions, politics, or race;
● Quite many predictions interpreted from my whisperings with Angel Brenda I could not publish because of the sensitive nature, or fearmongering issue.
● I’m still getting new information which can change the article approach, tone, or direction.

There are some articles which I had published, and then later revert to draft i.e. the article is no longer accessible, for various reasons listed below:
● The issues are no longer relevant.
● A change of opinion or direction.



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