Robren’s Prediction #6: “Global recession. Stock markets will fall. Bankruptcies of some famous Brands, and countless SMEs will fall. An Asian airline and Cruise Line will go bankrupt. Casinos, theme parks, travel & hotels will be badly hit.
(PARTIALLY CAME TRUE, updated 18th March 2020)

预测6:“全球经济衰退。一些著名品牌的破产,以及无数的中小企业将倒闭。亚洲航空公司和邮轮公司将破产。” (PARTIALLY CAME TRUE)




The most vulnerable airlines going bankrupt during coronavirus pandemic

When SINGAPORE AIRLINES cancelled 96% of its flights, you know the global Airline industry is in massive trouble.

Dow drops 13%, for its worst day (16th March 2020) since Black Monday, and its largest point drop in history

IMF warns coronavirus recession could be worse than 2008 financial crisis



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Written: Robren

Published: 25th March 2020.


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