A short story of CQ (change & crisis quotient), being proactive, understanding your Iceberg psyche, and how to take control and ownership of your life.

● What is CQ (Change & Crisis Quotient)?
CQ is about HOW one respond and react to crisis, changes, and daily adversities.


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Same Same Virus But Different Reactions


● A Simple Case Study: Same Same Situation But Different Reactions

A Chinese-British friend of mine freaked out, he was catastrophizing when someone told him some fake news that the Malaysian government will impose a lockdown curfew from 7pm to 7am. He went on and on about leaving Malaysia and returning to his home-country UK.

To help my friend to calm down, I quickly googled and couldn’t find anything about a 12-hour lockdown except that Business premises in 5 Pahang districts to close from 7pm till 7am. I quickly asked two friends to verify. One said he didn’t think so, and another went ballistic and ranted how annoying and silly I was to ask him when there are so many channels to verify, and even accused me of having ADHD, and advised me to better control myself.

I replied that he was behaving oddly, and that something was triggering his strong unusual temper, and that we’ll talk later when tempers are cooler.


The Proactive Model - Free Choice in How you respond

One same situation (e.g. Covid-19, 9-11, 2008 financial crisis), but many different reactions from different individuals.



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Same person or same situation, but many different reactions. Supporters for Donald Trump fight with supporters of Xi Jinping over the same issue e.g. Covid-19, trade war, and South China Sea Nine-dash line.

● A Second Case Study:  “oops, someone left our primary school WhatsApp group”

Just in the last two hours, a primary school mate mentioned a 4 letter word and someone else replied that that’s vulgar. I just text to my close knit group this message:

Mr A is a super China supporter. When A and a good many in this group constantly bashed Hong Kong and HK protesters, I didn’t leave this group. I just lay low.

@Mr B, don’t worry too much. Something ELSE triggered A’s leaving this group, not you – something in his 90% hidden Iceberg of fears, insecurities, judgments, justice, hurt, etc.
Let it go.  A will come back. 🤞🏻

Like I always say to this group, I LOVE ❤ (my primary school classmates)
Our childhood and primary school bonds are super close, despite of our differences and opinions.

Whoever is most close to A, please please do us a favor to sweet talk him to join the group, ok. (I’m not close to him even from Std 1-6).
Give him all the space and freedom to cool down and come back to us ya.

● The 4 Elements of CQ : C.O.R.E.
How you react in life is based on 4 elements.

How much you think you are in control of a situation or your life in general will influence your behaviors.

How much self-ownership and responsibility do you feel you have in a situation, or do you blame everyone else (i.e. boss, spouse, partner, government) but yourself for your problems


REACH: “Storm in  teacup”
How much does your Personal/ Private Life Areas BLEED into your Professional Life, and vice versa.

In general women, being much emotional than men, tend to reach very far into the future. For example if a mother’s 9 year old kid failed in a mid-year exam, she reaches too far into future with excessive implications (mid-term exam failure will mean failure as a teenager, failure to go college, and therefore, it will result in failure in life. But actually this failure was limited to just this particular mid-year exam only.

How long do you think the situation will last – forever or just for a very short time. Alcoholic Anonymous: Live one day at a time, today I am alcohol-free, tomorrow I will alcohol-free. Or, do you think you have suffered for the last 5 years, and now you will suffer another 5 years more.


90% Iceberg Unconscious Self

● Understanding Your CQ 90% ICEBERG Triggers:
Your Pysche – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Beauty within you.

Projections – we project our inner fears, insecurities, and emotional hangups outside on to others. We unconsciously project major problem life areas and them bleed on to others at work, relatives, and friends, and vice versa.
● Limiting beliefs
● Life experiences
● Hangups
● Traumas
● Panic Button Level


Equanimity is calmness


Equanimity is calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.

”Equanimity is living a life of mindfulness, light, love and truth like a sunflower. Integrity doesn’t buckle under pressure.”
~ Robren


Equanimity is living a life of

● How to create a Peak Performance Team and Leaders

PW3) CQ-EQ icon

High CQ-EQ Culture Change PowerWorkshop Outline:

  • Creating a whole new corporate culture that is dynamic, synergistic, and innovative!
  • Having a higher CQ i.e. be more resourceful, resilient, and not get stuck on any obstacles.
  • Discovering the 3 shocking EQ facts. Building strong work relationships through EQ Bank Account.
  • Discovering the true life stories of the power of Placebo and NOcebo effects.
  • Unraveling your own CQ Profile (a customized Questionnaire that will identify your CQ strength & weak areas).Many corporations such as Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Airport Services and MSC-status companies have already implemented ChangeU mindset & culture change as core in-house programs.NOTE: A tailored made Peak SALES CQ-EQ program can be specially designed for Sales, Customer Service, and Performance-based Executives.


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Written: Robert Chaen
CEO of ChangeU, Change University, BorneoHunter Executive Search, Movsha Influencers
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Published: 22nd March 2020.
Updated: 23rd March 2020.