Covid-19 appears to spread fastest at 8.72 degrees Celsius.

BREAKING NEWS: 1/3 cases in China are unlisted SILENT Carriers, tested positive but no symptoms. Proof that Covid-19 will likely become a common flu but with around 1% death rate.

Coronavirus carriers with no symptoms could spread disease, Italian study shows

The risk posed by people who have been infected with the new coronavirus but show no symptoms has been highlighted by an Italian study which suggests they carry the same viral load as symptomatic patients.

An earlier Chinese study in Wuhan – where the first cases of the disease were reported in December – suggested about 60 per cent of people who contracted the infection showed no symptoms.

* Top US scientist says coronavirus could become SEASONAL.

As predicted in Robren’s #3 of 7 Covid-19 Predictions on 13th March 2020:




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Published: 22nd March 2020.
Updated: 23rd March 2020.


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