There have been much confusion about MCO.

The MCO was first announced by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on Monday, March 16. It did not provide clear details of the MCO. There was, therefore, confusion regarding it. For example, nothing in the initial speech made clear about movements outside of one’s home, such as exercise and visits to parents and family members. There was no outright statement telling people not to go out without reason.

Firstly, stay calm. Have patience as this is the first time… Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Italy, USA, and individual countries are handling the Covid-19 crisis and various degrees of Lockdown.

Gov’t foots RM700 for every person it needs to test for Covid-19

Secondly, I’m compiling from my Investigative Journalists, local media on the latest MCO Guideline UPDATES.

Thirdly, if any of the following information is WRONG, let us know ASAP as situations can change by the hour.

Malaysia Restricted Movement Order




Symptoms of Covid-19



COVID-19 Guideline UPDATES that we know so far:


Second phase – Movement Control Order
Press conference by Ismail Sabri 30 March 2020

New opening hours starting from 1 April 2020
1. All hypermarkets and supermarkets only 8am to 8pm
2. Eateries operating hours for packed food 8am to 8pm
3. Food delivery services 8am to 8pm
4. Petrol stations 8am to 8pm
5. Public transport 6am-10am, 5pm-10pm
6. ZTransportation of essential goods* i.e. food supplies etc 7pm-7am (encouraged)
7. Ehailing and taxis 6am-10pm
8. Price of face masks controlled at rm1.50 per piece
9. Roadblocks to be increased to 114 toll plazas nationwide
10. 828 arrested yesterday for MCO offences
11. 67,774 police/army personnel involved to increase when necessary
12. More measures to come in the coming days


COVID-19 Articles in this RobertChaen.com website:  https://tinyurl.com/qtp3zbe

[ ] Stay calm when the Military will be operational at roadblocks on Sunday, 22nd March 2020.
[ ] Takeaways only (no dine-ins)
[ ] Have fresh air and sunshine, 2 natural disinfectants – on your balcony or corridor when nobody is around.

[ ] All media have been warned not to call the Malaysian situation a partial lockdown but a Movement Control Order (MCO). The Rakyat public should also do the same if not you may be charged for spreading panic, fear and fake news.
[ ] No jogging, no exercises in parks
[ ] no sit downs in ALL mamaks, food outlets, convenience shops, hotel lobbies.

Published: 21st March 2020.
Updated: daily until the end of Covid-19 crisis

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30 minute MRT intervals.
From 25th March to 14th April 2020, MRT KL hours:
6:00am to 10:00am
5:00pm to 10:00pm


Unverified Rumors:


Ministries, police refute several fake news on social media
The police have denied claims that an RM300 fine will be imposed on those found sharing a car with at least one person and an RM200 fine for not wearing a face mask during the implementation of the movement control order (MCO).

[16:04, 3/20/2020] FAKE NEWS
Dear colleague,
As I was out to tapau food earlier. I was stopped at Damansara Heights road block.
According to the police officers, I’m only allowed to travel not more than 10km from home.
If your ic address varies from your Home address. Kindly bring along your utility bills.
Failing to do so PDRM will take further action.

Got this from a friend who’s Neighbour left the house today.

[16:05, 3/20/2020] Hi, just to inform that if you guy want to go out buy groceries or tapao, dont go with passenger ya, my friend’s parents just kena police summons rm200 while going to tapao because 2 ppl in 1 car, just happened today morning at Puchong area…take care and stay home


Issues to be Resolved by the relevant Authorities:

[ ] Laundromats should be open (but can limit to certain time periods)
Many people use laudromats.

[ ]  Freight forwarders cry foul over contradictory instructions

[ ] Q1. Can guests sit down in lobby?
Q2. Can guests sit down and eat at coffee shop for Breakfast, lunch, dinner?

[ ] SSM must remain open – (yes, it’s solved)


Sources of accurate Covid-19 related information:

Malaysia on 20 March 2020

[ ] Track Covid-19 in MALAYSIA:  https://newslab.malaysiakini.com/covid-19/en


List of fake news viralled today (29th March 2020)


Kenneth Copeland

Covid-19 Scams, The Cold-Arrest Procedure and Fake Doctor aka BullShitter Pastor Kenneth Copeland


Dr. Thomas Cowan at Health & Human Rights Suumit

No Connection with Covid-19 and 5G, Fake News by Dr. Thomas Cowan (Newsweek)


Tips and advice to stay safe from Covid-19:


What is 2m Social Distancing? No gatherings of 50 or more.



What can we do in lockdown?


What you can do about the New Coronavarius Outbreak in China and worldwide – a Robert’s Travels Health Warning


Relevant Vital Articles:


Covid-19 appears to spread fastest at 8.72 degrees Celsius.

Coronavirus: loss of smell or taste could be a symptom, growing evidence suggests


BREAKING NEWS: 1/3 cases in China are unlisted SILENT Carriers, tested positive but no symptoms. Proof that Covid-19 will likely become a common flu but with around 1% death rate.

Coronavirus carriers with no symptoms could spread disease, Italian study shows

The risk posed by people who have been infected with the new coronavirus but show no symptoms has been highlighted by an Italian study which suggests they carry the same viral load as symptomatic patients.

An earlier Chinese study in Wuhan – where the first cases of the disease were reported in December – suggested about 60 per cent of people who contracted the infection showed no symptoms.

* Top US scientist says coronavirus could become SEASONAL.


MCO extended 2 weeks to April 14


New operation hours for major supermarkets until March 31

In notices issued to its customers, Giant, Tesco Malaysia, Aeon Big and Aeon announced that a majority of their outlets will be closed by 8pm until March 31.

Beginning tomorrow, Giant announced that 44 of its outlets in the Peninsula, will be closed by 7pm.

In the East Coast, its Kuantan outlet will close at 6.30pm, while three outlets in Terengganu and one in Kelantan will close at 5.30pm.


Public buses allowed maximum 9 hours daily operation

Public buses will only be allowed to operate in two shifts during the movement control order (MCO) period – 6am to 10am and 5pm to 10pm during work days, the government announced today.

Ismail said taxis and e-hailing vehicles are exempted from the new rule.

“Drivers must always wear masks when they are on duty and maintain a one-metre distance between them and passengers,” he added.


RED ZONES & Cases by States in Malaysia (on 22nd March 2020)




Putrajaya allows RM500 pm EPF withdrawal, injects half-a-billion ringgit to MOH

Stay at home: List of help for needy groups, frontliners

Free meals and grocery delivery

2. Local social enterprise PichaEats offers a free meal initiative for stranded university students and frontliners.

Parties keen to support PichaEat’s refugee-run initiative can contribute to its Maybank account.

3. Subang Jaya Gurdwara offers a free meal delivery service for residents around Subang Jaya and Sunway who are unable to cook their own meals due to old age or disabilities.

Contact Amrick Singh: 012-5389061

Frontliner support

1. Team 106 is a crowdfunding initiative to support Meals for Medics to supply meals for healthcare workers on duty at the Covid-19 wards, starting from within the Klang Valley first, then all over Malaysia


Several politicians have announced initiatives to assist their constituents, particularly in the distribution of face masks and hand sanitisers, as well as free grocery delivery services.

Constituents living in their respective areas can refer to their elected representatives’ individual pages for further details:

1. Port Dickson MP Anwar Ibrahim: Port Dickson residents can contact the service centre representative, Boy Fadzrie at 018-242853 for more details.

2. Setiawangsa MP Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

3. Balik Pulau MP Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik.

4. Permatang Pauh MP Nurul Izzah Anwar.

5. Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman.

6. Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil.



Bank Negara: ATM hours only from 7am-10pm
Daily operations for ATMs will be from 7am to 10pm during the period of the movement control order (MCO), said Bank Negara in a list of FAQs it released on access to essential financial services during this period.


Home Ministry releases FAQ, urges public to report violations

  • Violation of the MCO can result in a maximum fine of RM1,000, up to six months in jail or both.
  • Travelling abroad for work, on the condition that the person cannot return at least until March 31.
  • Malaysians can only leave for Singapore if their Singaporeans employers prove that they have prepared accommodations.
  • Foreigners who cannot return to their home countries due to lockdowns can stay if they obtain a special pass from the Immigration Department.



Selangor sets additional rules for movement control order

Restaurant, food stalls and convenience stores in Selangor are only allowed to operate from 6am to 12 midnight during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, according to Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari.

Changees to GrabFood operating hours: 7am – 12 am daily.


Kota Kinabalu to close shops at 5pm, petrol stations 2pm


Only head of family allowed out for daily essentials, says senior minister, Fadillah Yusof

However, should additional persons be needed to go out with them, the head of family must explain to the police their reasons.

“Policy-wise, under the order, only one person, which is the head of the family, should be allowed to go out to get daily essentials or medicine. That is the basic guideline.

“But as much as possible, minimise outdoor activities. Only go out when necessary,” he told a press conference

“It had been decided yesterday that the opening hours of these stores selling essential goods, will be left to the state level to decide.

Several states were seen imposing opening hours of stores in their states, including Pahang where petrol stations in five of its districts had been ordered to shut down from 7pm to 7am throughout the order period, while the police in Terengganu had closed all main roads leading to the Kuala Terengganu city centre.



Penang councils bans street hawkers in four MCO hotspots


WARNING: The SECOND COVID-19 WAVE: Homecoming citizens and foreign visitors (imported cases) coming into China, Hong Kong, and your country.


The Super Idiot Buying Guide for HUSBANDS.
Especially when he is the only one head of the family allowed to go shopping in Movement Restriction Order.


Fish Guide


Vege Guide

Chicken Guide

Vege Guide2

Now all husbands can shop