Robren Prediction #2. Religious followers will be the biggest Covid-19 spreaders because they believe that their god will protect them but it’s a delusion.” (came true on on 18th March 2020).
Some of the biggest cults, scams, and scandals will be exposed in 2020.

宗教追随者将成为Covid-19最大的传播者,因为他们相信自己的上帝会保护他们,但这是一种幻想。” (于2020年3月18日生效)。某些最大的邪教,诈骗和丑闻将在2020年曝光。

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Written: Robren

Published: 21st March 2020.
Updated: 24th March 2020.


Coronavirus cluster emerges at Manmin Central Church (South Korea), as others press ahead with Sunday services

Pastor Lee has been in prison since May 2018 after he was arrested for raping nine female followers – some of who believed he was a living god – over several years.



Shincheonji Church of Jesus Graduates 100,000 Students Worldwide

Shincheonji Church of Jesus3


A procession outside Ruteng Cathedral, Manggarai for the ordination mass of new bishop Siprianus Hormat


1,500 Indonesian Catholics go ahead with mass despite pleas to cancel



Thousands of Muslims attend a prayer session asking for safety amid concerns over Covid-19 in Raipur. (AFP pic)


25,000-strong Covid-19 prayer session sparks outcry in Bangladesh


Pilgrims from Thailand, Arabia, India and the Philippines attending the Gowa meeting. (Facebook pic/Aalmi Tablighi Shura Elders)

9,000 ignore virus risk to attend Muslim gathering in Sulawesi



The Sri Petaling Mosque in Kuala Lumpur has served as the main base of the Tablighi Jamaat in Malaysia.

How a century-old Indian Muslim movement became Malaysia’s Covid-19 hotspot


Islamic scholar who said coronavirus was Allah’s punishment tests positive


Coronavirus Cult Alert: Two-thirds of new cases in South Korea were connected to Shincheonji Church Doomsday Cult members visiting or hiding


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Robren Prediction #2. Many religious followers will be infected, die, and spread regionally because they believe that their god will protect them only from Covid-19 (came true)