Seven Coronavirus PREDICTIONS Poster Series by Robren


1. Covid-19 will peak worldwide in April-July in various degrees in nearly all countries. Prepare for the worst until pass October 2020.

Prediction 1





2. Many religious followers will be infected, die and virus spread regionally because they believe that their god will protect them only from Covid-19 but it’s a delusion (CAME TRUE, updated 18th March 2020)
Some of the biggest cults, scams, and scandals will be exposed in 2020.

Prediction 2




3. “Coronavirus will spread as a ‘common flu’ but with 1% death rate.
Covid-19 appears to spread fastest at 8.72 degrees Celsius.

Prediction 3



4. An International Celebrity or National Politician will die from Covid-19 (it will not be Tom Hanks).


Prediction 4


5. “Some governments will fall because of Collective Big Karmic Debt. It’s the start of the fall of CCP & President Xi.”


Prediction 5


6. Stock markets will fall. Bankruptcies of some famous international and local Brands, and countless SMEs will fall. An Asian airline will go bankrupt. (PARTIALLY CAME TRUE, updated 18th March 2020)

Prediction 6



7. Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games will be postponed for the first time. Groups of 50 or more, Religious places and Festivals, Sports events, Concerts, the World’s biggest Conferences and Trade Fairs will be cancelled in 2020.” (came true on 24th March 2020)
Prediction 7



Robren only

Written: Robren

Published: 19th March 2020.
Updated: 29th March 2020.