FAKE FAKE Conquer the Common Cold & Flu by Dr. Dan Lee Dimke, PhD – radical new FREE 3-minute breakthrough procedure stops cold and flu symptoms.

Step One: Set Blow-dryer to LOW. Cup fingers over air intake to slow air flow and increase output temp.

Step One


Step Two: Spray water upward onto face and into nose, from about 10 cm (4 in.) away. Take slow, deep breaths with mouth closed for 5 minutes.
The Goal: to raise temp of sinuses to 56° C. (133° F.), the covid-19 kill temperature.

Step 2

Step Three: After pausing 1 hour, begin another 5-minute Hot Air Treatment. If no symptoms: 2 cycles per day. With symptoms already developed: 5 cycles per day (cycle = One 5-minute Heat session per hour).

Step Three

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This is one of many FAKE CURES for Covid-19.

Published: 17th March 2020.
Updated: 21st March 2020.

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