Understand The 3 Personality-Orientated Styles:
The descriptions are in general – in various degrees.

Firstly, identify your own Personality-Orientated Style.
Team members should know each other’s personality-orientation style, positive and negative sides.

1. Task-Orientated Style (Team Alpha):
Positive side:
• Tasks are more important than people. They meet deadlines.
• They are the boss’ favorite because they get results.
• Needs a group to kick  ass.
• Tough leader/manager, strong leader.
Negative side:
• Dictator (various degrees), bulldoze his/her way.
• Too strict.
• Too opinionated.

2. People-Orientated Style (Team Player, Herd):
Positive side:
• People are more important than tasks.
• They are the staff’s favorite.
• They are like long grass, easily influenced by the group flow and opinions
• too lenient.
• weak leadership, more team player.

3. Self-Orientated Style (Lone Wolf Alpha):
Positive side:
• Doesn’t need a group but can be a good leader
• Can be a top producer
Negative side:
• Prefer to work alone, not with an army.
• Hard to delegate, or let go self-control.

Written by Robert Chaen (click here for his biodata)
The Creator of 3 Personality-Orientated Styles and 10 Qualities of Diamond Leader, CEO of ChangeU

Published: 11th March 2020.




Feedback from managers from top brands and Fortune 500 corporations such Coca-Cola China, Hong Kong Airport Services, Public Bank, Resorts World Genting, consistently rate the 3 Personality-Orientated Styles as the most useful leadership and team-building principle.

The 3 Personality-Orientated Styles is one of the 3 key principles of “10 Qualities of Diamond Leader” PowerWorkshop.

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ChangeU’s 3 Personality-Orientated Styles for Effective Team Alignment