#RememberingMH370 6th Anniversary.

I just attended the first full weekend of 9 weekends of MalaysiaKINI’s Muckraking Investigative Journalist Scholarship Program, with R. Nadeswaran, “Malaysia’s scariest man”. My standard of investigative journalism writing has improved significantly from a solo blogger and vlogger to closer to world-class standards, working with a small group of professionals from Kini, The Sun, Cilisos, ArabNews and amateur individuals.

Of all the numerous tips and strategies I learnt, two stood out and unconsciously shifted my paradigm forever. They are asking the non-obvious questions, and good governance.

I woke up around 6:30 am with a EUREKA moment!

OMG! I realized Maldives and Madagscar are 3 and 5 hours BEHIND Malaysian time respectively.

This means MH370 Captain Zaharie never saw the sunrise, when MH370 ran out of fuel.

I was wrong all this time, or I misread connecting the dots and the Afterlife Signs.
I thought Captain Zaharie saw the sunrise and pushed too hard the Ghost of Captain Zaharie to confirm the angle of the Sun.

But Captain Zaharie couldn’t tell me the angle of the Sun simply because he NEVER SAW THE SUNRISE. OMG!

Captain Zaharie ditched MH370 in pitch darkness – and MH370 sunk in one piece.

Understand this new paradigm of the dots, it all starts to make sense to me now.

The Dark Night of Captain Zaharie’s Soul

Captain Zaharie whispered to me that he flew MH370 until it ran out of fuel. I couldn’t get him to whisper to me where exactly was the sunrise in relation to him. Had he whispered to me the visual angle of the Sun was 90 degrees on his left, it would mean he flew south to the Indian Ocean near Australia.

But had he whispered to me the Sun was 135 degrees, on 7 or 8 of clock angle on his left, it would mean he flew to the Madagascar area.

But my pressing the Ghost of Captain Zaharie about the Sunrise angle didn’t matter at all. Why?
Because Captain Zaharie never saw the sunrise.

Thank you Angel Brenda for enlightening me.
I’m so sorry sometimes I just don’t get it.
Please forgive me.

Deciphering Angel Brenda’s Code for the last 6 years is super complex for a human like myself.
Deciphering Ghost Captain Zaharie’s Code is new to me, it’s a rare skill to be a Ghost Whisperer. There is no instruction manual, you know.

Angels and Ghosts whisper to me very differently in these 2 ways:

1. Angels especially Angel Brenda are much clearer in giving me the Afterlife Dots. Ghosts like Captain Zaharie was much harder to understand as he tends to mumble and repeats himself like a broken record as what Ghosts do in the 5th Dimension of The Universe relive some phases of their lives – especially in the last moments of fatal accidents, suicides, and deeply unresolved Karmic Lessons.

2. Ghosts are unsettled, and can’t Rest In Peace as in the 7th Dimension called Nirvana, The Beforelife.
On the other areas of The Universe, Guardian Angels fly and move in different Dimensions freely to guide, help their loved ones, strangers, and those whom they had Past Karmic Exchanges and Past Lives.

My 7th Psychic Sense (Claircognizance or ‘clear knowing’) is Captain Zaharie planned and flew over the Maldives.

When I was first time in Maldives in May 2016 to train the Auditor’s General Office of Maldives, I sense a strong psychic feeling that Captain Zaharie flew over the Maldives islands. I stayed at my Maldivian intern, Lubna Ali’s father’s 10 room 4-star hotel in Hulhumale Beach, a few kilmeters from the Velana International Airport.

5. AGO Maldives

Auditor’s General Office, Maldives training my first all-Muslim group. My intern Lubna Ali seated on the far right.

MH370 eventually
 sank mainly intact in one piece.MH370 could be found along MH370 Madagascar Arc as most MH370 debris was found near Madagascar area in Reunion Island, Mauritius, Mozambique and South Africa.

As NO MH370 debris were found along Western Australian beaches, this should be a strong clue that MH370 more likely landed on the MADAGASCAR-AFRICAN side of the Indian Ocean. Seven Circles of Satellite Pings (7 white lines) received intersected with Maximum Fuel Level (thin red line). Where MH370 ended (thick red line).

MH370 - WHERE (7 Ping Circles & Fuel Level Circle)

The red Madagascar Arc is where they should search for MH370, where MH370 most likely ended.

Read my ghost whisperings with Captain Zaharie (Part 1) what happened on 8th March 2014.

I must thank KiniAcademy and R Nadeswaran for instilling in me solid Investigative Journalism thinking tools, without which this new Eureka moment and Breaking News MH370 story will have taken a much later time.

UPDATE (5th March 2021): My latest interpretation of my Whisperings with Angel Brenda reveals that the story of Captain Zaharie’s heroic mission to Maldives to free Anwar Ibrahim went wrong is NO longer relevant. I’m still trying to find the answer to this question of WHY, what is Captain Zaharie’s motive. Maybe we’ll never know why.



Written by Robert Chaen, The Ghost Whisperer and The Angel Whisperer.

Published: 9th March 2020.


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