Muckraking Scholarship attendees come from MalaysiaKini, The Edge, R.AGE (The Star), Cilisos, ArabNews, Malaysian Corruption Watch, and ChangeU.

Team 2 - Funky

Weekend 1 Sunday 8th March 2020.


R. Nadeswaran – “Malaysia’s scariest man”. Watch my video with Nadeswaran:

R. Nadeswaran Columnist, Malaysiakini. – know as “Malaysia’s scariest man”. Among the pioneers of investigative reporting in Malaysia, many remember him from his column, Citizen Nades. His work includes several exposes of corruption and the abuse of power in the country, often demanding accountability.


My small group: Arlene, Kalash. Two of our group story ideas were well received by Nades and the whole team. Our stories are being planned, with the aim to be published in MalaysiaKini and The Sun.


MalaysiaKINI & KiniTV building

Twenty individuals including Robert were selected for the Prestigious Scholarship by MalaysiaKini, full sponsored by MARI (Malaysian Reform Initiative), USAID (United States Agency for International Development).

It was revealed that originally it was meant strictly for individuals from mainstream investigative journalist news agencies especially if they report on corruption. But later they changed the criteria to include deserving individuals from across a variety of disciplines and organizations.

I thank KiniAcademy for changing the criteria as it opens up a wider section of society to be involved in reporting on corruption, and of course, I now can attend to greatly enhance my IJ skills, and most importantly to access and write for both Malaysian and international IJ Networks.

NOTICE to Friends & Clients:
I’ve been writing as an Investigative Journalist, a Cult & Scambuster for the last few years as a PASTIME, and still remains as a pastime. My daytime career is still Change Expert, Corporate Trainer, Headhunter, Youth Entrepreneurship CSR Advocate, Writer, and CEO-Celebrity Whisperer.

This is a super intensive 9 full weekends program.

Advantages and Benefits of KiniAcademy’s Investigative Journalist Scholarship
● Trained and mentored by Malaysiakini’s finest trainers, award-winning journalists and editors
● Networking with Investigative Journalists from The Edge, Malaysia Watch Corruption, R.AGE (The Star)
● Guidance from Editors and Lawyers
● Whistle-Blower Protection under the umbrella of MalaysiaKini, with its influential legal team.


Read about the sponsors: Malaysian Reform Initiative (MARI),

Read about USAID/OTI role in Malaysia

Written: Robert Chaen
Published: 9th March 2020.



Robert Chaen and Scholarship Attendees of the Muckraking Investigative Journalists Program by KiniAcademy