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12 Malaysian staff and 8 China staff from Freescale Semiconductor were on MH370. One staff was saved by Angelic Intervention, my cousin on his wedding day on 8th March 2014.

A short story about what happened to MH370 and Ghost Whisperings with Captain Zaharie on the sixth anniversary.

#RememberingMH370 6th Anniversary

My cousin swapped with his colleague because it was his wedding day. Twelve of my cousin’s Malaysian colleagues and eight of his China’s colleagues were on MH370. A total of twenty MH370 passengers were from my cousin’s company Freescale Semiconductor (now called NXP Semiconductors).

I believe it was an Angelic Intervention that saved my cousin from MH370

My Twin Soul and guardian Angel Brenda whispered to me the next day and gave me two MH370 Afterlife Signs. I chatted for the first time with a Ukrainian in a hotel lobby opposite Rasa Sayang Hotel in Penang.

Angel Brenda gave me two dots to connect. I call the process “Deciphering Angel Brenda’s Code“, a form of The Da Vinci Code but in a non-human, angelic code. It took me one whole year to decipher the basic foundation of how Angel Brenda would communicate and whisper to me. And what she wants me to do as her angelic instrument on Earth.

You see, I promised my Hong Kong-born Portuguese wife, Brenda José in her last 25 minutes of her life that I will surrender to God and to her as her ‘angelic instrument’ to fulfill our Twin Souls Mission, if not she would not go and crossover.

Angel Brenda hinted that there will be a SECOND Malaysian aircrash in Ukraine.


Beetle hiding

Angel Brenda’s 3rd MH370 Afterlife Sign: The Black Beetle Movement

Four days after the disappearance of MH370, Angel Brenda gave me the 3rd MH370 Afterlife Sign in the form of the movement of a unique 2 inch Black Beetle at around 2:00 am moving on my front porch. The unique movement of this rare Black Beetle told me that MH370 turned left and back near Vietnam. Then, Captain Zaharie flew over Penang to have his last look at this hometown (confirmed by an Australian daily).

Four days after this on 15 March 2014, the then Prime Minister Najib Razak announced that MH370 returned and flew over Malaysia, and probably ended in the Indian Ocean – 100% confirming Angel Brenda’s 3rd MH370 Afterlife Sign.


MH17 Afterlife Sign - Plastic Plane Wing - Cropped.jpg

Angel Brenda’s first MH17 Afterlife Sign: A plastic airplane’s right wing.


37 days before MH17 aircrash (17th July 2014), Angel Brenda gave me the First MH17 sign, a right wing of a plastic plane predicting the Second Malaysian Aircrash.


Hundreds of Bees

Angel Brenda’s First AirAsia QZ8501 Afterlife Sign, the Third Malaysian Aircrash: a few hundred special flies on my front steps and porch


2 days after MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, my front steps and porch were covered with a few hundred special flies. These were Angel Brenda’s First AirAsia QZ8501 Afterlife Sign, the psychic premonition of the Third Malaysian Aircrash on 28th December 2014.


Angel Brenda’s 4th MH370 Afterlife Sign: my First Malay Intern in KL


Angel Brenda’s 4th MH370 Afterlife Sign: She sent to me to hire my first Malay Intern in Kuala Lumpur, a Kedah royalty. Read my untold story of 50 Foreign Exchange UiTM students saved from MH370 through Angelic Intervention.


From Angel Whisperer to Ghost Whisperer

Angel Brenda connected me the Ghost of Captain Zaharie, who ghost-whispered to me why, where and what happened to MH370.

Captain Zaharie whispered to me that he flew MH370 until it ran out of fuel. I couldn’t get him to whisper to me where exactly was the sunrise in relation to him. Had he whispered to me the visual angle of the Sun was 90 degrees on his left, it would mean he flew south to the Indian Ocean near Australia.

But had he whispered to me the Sun was 135 degrees, on 7 or 8 of clock angle on his left, it would mean he flew to the Madagascar area.

My 7th Psychic Sense (Claircognizance or ‘clear knowing’) is Captain Zaharie planned and flew over the Maldives.

When I was first time in Maldives in May 2016 to train the Auditor’s General Office of Maldives, I sense a strong psychic feeling that Captain Zaharie flew over the Maldives islands. I stayed at my Maldivian intern, Lubna Ali’s father’s 10 room 4-star hotel in Hulhumale Beach, a few kilmeters from the Velana International Airport.

5. AGO Maldives

Auditor’s General Office, Maldives training my first all-Muslim group. My intern Lubna Ali seated on the far right.

MH370 eventually
 sank mainly intact in one piece.MH370 could be found along MH370 Madagascar Arc as most MH370 debris was found near Madagascar area in Reunion Island, Mauritius, Mozambique and South Africa.

As NO MH370 debris were found along Western Australian beaches, this should be a strong clue that MH370 more likely landed on the MADAGASCAR-AFRICAN side of the Indian Ocean. Seven Circles of Satellite Pings (7 white lines) received intersected with Maximum Fuel Level (thin red line). Where MH370 ended (thick red line).

MH370 - WHERE (7 Ping Circles & Fuel Level Circle)

The red Madagascar Arc is where they should search for MH370, where MH370 most likely ended.

Read my ghost whisperings with Captain Zaharie (Part 1) what happened on 8th March 2014.

I did the Ghost Crossing-over Ritual for Captain Zaharie.

Brenda's First Ever Afterlife Sign - 7 & 11 Mark Six Numbers

Proof of Angel Brenda’s First Afterlife Sign Two Hours After She Died: 7 & 11 Mark Six numbers VIDEO:


Angel Brenda’s First Irrefutable Afterlife Sign 2 hours after she crossed over: a Mark Six Computer-Generated Lottery Ticket with Brenda’s two Soul Numbers 7 & 11.


And it all started… with Angel Brenda’s First Irrefutable Afterlife Sign 2 hours after she crossed over at around 7:30 pm on 23rd December 2013:  Brenda’s Soul Numbers 7 & 11 on a Mark Six Computer-Generated Lottery Ticket.


From my research into Afterlife Signs, Angel Brenda has The Top 11 Irrefutable Afterlife Signs.

“Sometimes I would have a sleepless night or an enlightening night because I was the only human being to know the truth before I wrote my realizations about Angel Brenda’s #Whisperings the next day.
I have a cross to carry, but I have no axe to grind.
I have deep gratitude for my multiple roles and my unfair advantage.”
~ Robert Chaen


AFTERNOTE UPDATE (at 7:59 am, 9th March 2020):

OMG! I just realized Maldives and Madagscar are 3 and 5 hours behind Malaysian time. That means Captain Zaharie never saw the sunrise, when MH370 ran out of fuel.

I was wrong all this time, or I misread connecting the dots and the Afterlife Signs.
I thought Captain Zaharie saw the sunrise and pressed the Ghost to confirm the angle of the Sun.
But he couldn’t tell me simply because he never saw the sunrise. OMG!

Captain Zaharie ditched MH370 in pitch darkness – and MH370 sunk in one piece.

It all make sense to me now.

The Dark Night of Captain Zaharie’s Soul.

I’m the only human being to know this new truth about MH370, and whoever are reading this after my Afternote Update.


Written: Robert Chaen, The Angel Whisperer & The Ghost Whisperer

Published: 8th March 2020.
Updated: 9th March 2020.

BREAKING NEWS: Captain Zaharie never saw the Sunrise. The Dark Night of Captain Zaharie’s Soul.


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