Biting Pen is a matching youth platform for whistle-blowers and investigative journalists  that produces exposés that bite, not bark – through articles, Youtube videos, Soundcloud Podcasts. With mentoring by volunteer IJ veterans.

Trinity Collaboration with Authorities, Investigative Journalists and Scam Whistle-Blowers.


The 4 Core Values & Principles of Biting Pen are:
1. Truth
“The truth will set you free.”
“Tell the truth, nobody can argue with the truth and you.” ~ Whisperer Robert Chaen

Tell the Truth, nobody can argue withe the truth and you

2. Light
“There is so much darkness in the world. It’s incredibly fulfilling to bring a tiny light to the world.”

3. Liberty
“I have a dream. Free at last!” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Empowerment
“No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.”
~ Victor Hugo

No army - Victor Hugo

BITING PEN investigations cover:
• Corruption
• Crime
• Scams
• Cronyism
• Business Investments
• Fake news

BITING PEN Business Investigative Journalism cover:
• Corporate Whistle-blowing
• Investments
• Unlicensed Private Equity, Venture Capital firms
• Illegal Fund raising, in collaboration with Regional Securities Commissions:
● U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
● Securities and Futures Commission Hong Kong
● Monetary Authority of Singapore
● Securities Commission Malaysia


Matching Whistle-Blowers with Investigative Journalists


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Whistling Confessions is a FREE E-resources created by Robert Chaen in his pursuit and study of Investigative Journalism under the hashtag #Whistling.  Whistling is open to all Whistle-blowers and Investigative Journalists.

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BITING PEN is a resource of Whistle-Blower stories for Investigative Journalists choose which stories they are have great interest to write bout/


Why Whistle-Blowers should whisper to BITING PEN

Why Whistle-Blowers should contact and whisper to BITING PEN:

• Social gatherings or online forum among Authorities (such as Securities Commissions), Whistle-blowers and Investigative Journalists.
• Access to a pool of Investigative Journalists.
• Find out which Authorities offer Whistle-blowers protection
• Justice for victims.
• Stop perpetrators, scammers, cult leaders from spreading

The fast growing Trusted Source for Whistle-Blowers for Investigative Journalists and fresh Investigative Journalist students


Local and regional whistle-blowers can now message here in Private & Confidential with FULL WHISTLE-BLOWER PROTECTION from the relevant national authorities e.g. making a Private & Confidential Whistle-Blowing Complaint to the relevant Securities Commission Officer.

Register to join BITING PEN Whistle-Blower Registration:

General Notice from Security Commission Malaysia

“Should the review reveal any breaches of securities laws, appropriate action will be initiated. We however wish to advise that in conducting our assessment and determining whether the matter will be escalated for further action, consideration is given to a range of factors, including the likely regulatory effect of any available action.

Kindly note that SC is restricted by secrecy provisions under the securities law from disclosing to you any information obtained during the performance of our regulatory functions.”


“The truth is out there, but you need to protest, sing, act, dance, film, or write the truth.”
~ Whisperer Robert Chaen

Written by: Robert Chaen, Founder of Biting Pen, Purple Youth CSR, and ChangeU.

Published: 6th March 2020.
Updated: 10th March 2020.

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About Purple Youth CSR:
Purple Youth CSR platform is created to inspire our youth to change the world in 5 ways: • Entrepreneurship  • Learning  • Arts  • Charity  • Psychology.



Why do ordinary people and celebrities become Whistle-Blowers?
Many people wonder why do people become whistle-blowers especially after so many years. I give you three examples:

1. #MeToo movement after 20 years of rape and sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein.

2. After over 20 years of drug-induced rape by Bill Crosby

3. After over 30 years of harassment by Rolf Harris.

4. Numerous cases of paedophile coverup by Catholic priests

5. Numerous cases of corruption in religious cults.


Biting Pen Logo, Slogan & Founder

The Story of The Origin of BITING PEN, the Whistle-Blower Youth Platform