About Biting Pen
Biting Pen is a whistle-blower and investigative journalist youth platform that produces exposés that bite – through articles, Youtube videos, Soundcloud Podcasts. With mentoring by volunteer IJ veterans.

The Story of the Founder: Robert Chaen, The Whisperer
Biting Pen was founded by Whisperer Robert Chaen in 2020.

Dad & Fish Head Kiss

Robert at his parents’ Diamond Wedding Jubilee

Inspired by Robert’s late father, Michael, who was a corporate whistle-blower, who was bullied by the very powerful Mr Goey Mok, the Director of Sales & Marketing of MTC (now renamed as BAT), the largest tobacco firm in Malaysia at the time. Because Robert’s rebel Hakka father refused to polish his boss’ shoes, his boss gave him a hard time for many years. He was just an ordinary Sales Representative with no college degree, and was never promoted to even a Sales Supervisor.

Robert’s father kept a log of incriminating evidence against his boss-director for many year with the sole purpose of whistle-blowing to protect his family in case he ever got fired by his boss. One day Michael finally blew the whistle on his boss for illegally manipulating a New Product Launch Sales by forcing Key Distributors to buy large stocks, instead of recording real consumer sales.

MTC was Michael’s third and last job-career. He worked for there over 35 years. Because of a mistake in his birth certificate, he worked until he was 65, five years after the official retirement age.

“Investigative Journalists who are on a mission, never gives up.” ~ Robert Chaen

Robert admits he “has a cross to bear”, but he has no axe to grind”.
He is on a mission impossible, and on a personal journey to finally redeem himself.

RC2) Robren TwinSouls Pic only

Six years ago on 23rd December 2013, Robert made a soul promise with his dying wife, Hong Kong-born Portuguese Brenda José, in her last 25 minutes of her life. He needed to surrender and promise do their so called ‘Twin Soul‘ mission, if not she won’t leave (click here for Brenda’s last conversation).

The very next day, Robert’s writing changed forever. Since then he has channeling his Guardian Angel Brenda through #Whisperings.

For Robert, writing is a form of healing, creative expression, and a way to redeem himself.

Robert finally realized his logical fallacy was the root of his unconscious attraction to Cults

Once Robert realized his belief system, common sense, and logic were faulty, his life forever transformed for the best.

It takes an ex-Thief to catch a Thief

It takes an Ex-Cult Leader to stop the cancer spreading of a Cult Founder.
It takes a disgruntled Investor to report an Investment Scammer.
It takes a #MeToo victim to report a Rapist, a Molester, a Pedophile, Sexual Harasser, Violent Abuser.
It takes an Insider to whistle-blow a Kleptocrat, Corrupted Official or his “Can I advise you something” wife.


Who is The Whisperer?

Robert calls himself “The Whisperer” because celebrities, CEOs, and his guardian Angels whisper their secrets to him which he then pass their secrets of success, The Afterlife, and whatever – through his writing, coaching, videos, podcasts, art, etc.

Robert received a Scholarship to learn in KiniAcademy Muckraking: Developing Investigative Journalist 9-week Program. He is currently leading a team of seasoned and amateur Investigative Journalists from MalaysiaKini, The Edge, The Sun, The Star, Cilisos, and ArabNews to cover cults, scams, corruption, and scandals.

Robert created BITING PEN, a platform matching Whistle-Blowers with Investigative Journalist. Robert also created WHISTLING Confessions, a e-resources for Investigative Journalists to learn the tricks of the trade.

Robert’s biodata: https://tinyurl.com/y9tx8ocp

From Copywriter to Whisperer and Writer

Robert’s first career was a Copywriter at J Walter Thompson, a top global advertising agency.

Written by: Robert Chaen, Founder of Biting Pen, Purple Youth CSR, and ChangeU.

Published: 6th March 2020.
Updated: 13th March 2020.

Official Website: https://tinyurl.com/vrbqga5


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