BREAKING NEWS: Robert Chaen is joining in an International Investigative Journalists Network.

Scholarhsip Attendees

Robert received a Scholarship to learn in KiniAcademy Muckraking: Developing Investigative Journalist 9-week Program. He is currently leading a team of seasoned and amateur Investigative Journalists from MalaysiaKini, The Edge, The Sun, The Star, Cilisos, and ArabNews to cover cults, scams, corruption, and scandals.

Robert created BITING PEN, a platform matching Whistle-Blowers with Investigative Journalist. Robert also created WHISTLING Confessions, a e-resources for Investigative Journalists to learn the tricks of the trade.

Robert’s biodata:

Roaster V2

Dear Friends & Fans,
I must admit my close friends, fans, commentators and even trolls are a great source of future writing and investigative journalist material for me.

I always remind myself this quote:
“You don’t learn anything new with people whom you agree with.”

Some of you I have crossed swords with, and some of you have battled with me on by side. I may have hated you for your comment or rebuttal for an hour or a day, or you may have hated me for what I wrote or said for 5 minutes or 5 years, but at the end of the day, we are part of the EARTH’S HUMAN family.

Tell the TRUTH.
I tell the Truth.

Tell the Truth, nobody can argue withe the truth and you

Telling the truth is an art, not a science.
Many people can’t handle the truth.
So be very gentle, maybe humble, and non-threatening when you share and the truth or your side of the truth.

Master your craft.
They say it takes 10,000 hours to be a master of something.

So my recommendation to our Youth is from a famous author and speaker:
“When you are young, work to learn, not to earn.”

I particularly love and learnt a lot from
I highly recommend Malcolm Gladwell’s Masterclass if you want to write non-fiction.

My main focus of my writing are: ● non-fiction i.e. #Whisperings, my Afterlife ebooks, my investigative journalism exposé on scams, cults, short stories, etc.

Please don’t get confused with my main focus of my writing with my main focus in my overall life:
● 1. Fulfilling my Twin Soul Mission with Angel Brenda: to bring light where there is darkness
● 2. Living my core values & principles: Truth, Love & Light
● 3. Inspiring youth entrepreneurship (I’ll probably die working, writing, or at the least narrating from my death bed, you know)
● 4. Enjoying my pastime: overall writing, traveling, foodie guide,

I’m a man with humongous curiosity, with many pastime interests.
I’m also learning to write short stories and novellas will the basis for a short film or a movie.

One of my The Things To Do Before I Die is:
I’m particularly drawn to writing a non-fiction love story, and and an erotic novella based on my life, characters based on my friends and family, fantasies, challenges, and what I predict my future and love life will be like.

Many thanks for good wishes.
Highest Respect,
Robert Chaen

Published: 3rd March 2020.
Updated: 13th March 2020.


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