Anne Ellsworth Dubois is an excellent artist. I’m a fan of her body of artwork.
Anne deserves the recognition and contribution to the Art world.

The following are excerpts and Anne’s own words about her gallery.

Art- Makes the World a Better Place. -CaperGirl42- Rendering the Imagination

Art-is something different to each one of us…to some it is a bright sunny day , it brings us back to when we were young, back to our childhood where things were magical, and exciting!

  • That’s what I try to capture when I make my art…Sometimes the world is a place that we all would like to just escape once in awhile and what better – than to fly with a fairy, or sore high with an Angel…..
  • Artwork is created to be shared so others can enjoy the beauty that was created, and I hope that you enjoy each and everyone
  • Love to all and please enjoy-, share , and credit
  • Remember NO ONE likes a art thief – Be smart, Be kind share and don’t destroy
  • Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!

Check out her Gallery at: CaperGirl42

Anne Dubios

I looked hard to get the best screenshot which I think represent her gallery, I gave up.
Finally I chose this, which is mainly Angels and Fairies. Why?

Because I’ve been an Angel Whisperer since 23rd December 2013 when my TwinSoul and Hong Kong Portuguese wife Brenda Jose crossed over to become Angel Brenda. I’ve been written numerous articles about Angelic Signs and Afterlife Signs, and an ebook with 97 articles called:

“Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda”



One of my favorite artwork is this one, which is featured in my compilation of Angel Art:

Types and Stunning Pictures of ANGELS COMPILATION

Written by: Angel Whisperer Robert Chaen

Published: 29th February 2020.

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