1. Patrick Alleyn

Patrick Alleyn, Canadian actor

#MEET PATRICK ALLEYN, Canadian, Photographer turned Actor, living and working in China for 14 years, married a Hakka Chinese from Guangzhou, has a very cute 2 year-old Amerasian daughter.

Acting in China TV series, and in corporate videos and Chinese Brands. You may recognize his unique face, playing an Argentian Police Chief to villain, mainly good guy roles.

Patrick is one of the many fascinating and intriguing unique
variety of of international guests who stay or visit me in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and wherever places I’m trying to escape from Covid-19, featured in my #RobertsGuests and #Meet series.

2. Steve Chen

Steve Chen, HR Expert at The Peak, Hong Kong

3. Dancer

Raziman Sarbini, famous Dancer. Raziman Sarbini Interview with Robert Chaen, Host, Movsha Influencers Show and Celebrity Whisperer. Watch YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/smfjtm7

4. French Intern

French Intern

5. Christen Harper

Christen Harper. I invited her as my guest but she’s way too busy. Besides Margot Robbie, she must be the most beautiful woman on Earth, IMAO. When is she ever inviting me over to be a guest (sweet complaint)? I love her role in Auggie: https://tinyurl.com/s2oy9lp



6. Ah Choo's Nieces & Nephews

My Godsister Ah Choo’s nieces and nephews and daughter, Fern

7. Craig Santy in Lake Taal

Craig Santy (Producer of Looper & Resident Evil) in Lake Taal, Philippines – before it erupted. Craig Santy – the only journalist at the scene of the World Trade Center bombing (worldwide exclusive photos):  https://tinyurl.com/y5d7dm9x

8. Alice, Antonio, Aymeric, Sally

Antonio Gallego, Alice Mercier, Aymeric Germain, Sally at Taipusam Festival in Batu Caves

9. Marissa & Sanya

Marissa Nouv (Actress, TV Host), Sanya Kybopha (MasterChef Cambodia Contender). Watch video: “Mum called us out by our Nicknames!” Proof of Afterlife & The Story of Sanya. Pt1 >> https://tinyurl.com/tvna6cv    “The license plates of the 2 Accident Vehicles were the same: 1258”: Story of Sanya Kybopha Pt2 >>   https://tinyurl.com/r2xsuvo

10. Joe

Joe DiGiovanna, ex-American Airlines guy

11. Daniel Quek Baba Beng & Ashveen Chakravarthy Sekaran

Daniel Quek, Founder of Baba Beng Kaya, and Ashveen Chakravarthy Sekaran, Bollywood Actor. Daniel visited me in my last birthday party and gave his yummy gift of his Baba Beng Kaya to all my other guests. 
(photo credit: where we first met at his booth)

12. Elizabeth

My cousin Kelvin, Rachel and daughter Elizabeth

13. Yee Yee

My favorite Aunt, Yee Yee, ex-owner of King’s Hotel, Ipoh now renamed Tambun Inn Ipoh.

14. Pansy Pun

Pansy Pun, Intern from Hong Kong

15. Directors from Biogenes

Directors of Biogenes, a Startup.

16. Gabriel

Hideki Kinoshita, Japanese International Hockey Referee and Gabriel Kundt, German Intern

17. Ah Choo & Sisters

My Godsister Poh Choo (sister #1, from right), daughter Fern, and sisters Poh Hwan aka Ah Bui (sister #5), Poh Keng (sister #7) visiting My Mum and I during Chinese New Year. Read about The Story of Yoriko Tan, my Mum’s Best Friend from Sungai Siput >> https://tinyurl.com/qq8nhmk


18. Biker

International Biker

Robert has many fascinating and intriguing unique variety of of international guests who stay or visit him in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and wherever places he’s trying to escape from Covid-19, featured in his #RobertsGuests and #Meet series.

Compiled by: Celebrity-CEO Whisperer Robert Chaen

Published: 29th February 2020.
Updated: 1st March 2020.