● 1. Foreign Interns tend to be higher caliber than Local Interns.

● 2. Qualities and skills of Foreign Interns are: leadership, freedom of expression and opinion, creativity, outside-the-box thinking.

● 3. In China and parts of Asia, Foreign Interns are purposefully hired to enhance the public image of corporations and brands.

● 4. Internship is an excellent measure of the suitability and permanent employment of the Foreign Intern to fit into the corporate culture of the organization.

● 5. Foreign Interns offer invaluable new perspectives and new innovative concepts which may not have imagined by Local Interns.

● 6. Foreign Interns bring new energies, fresh excitement, and team spirit within the teams.

● 7. Over 90% Organizations who hired Foreign Interns have good experiences and will hire Foreign Interns again.

RICE Recruitment 5 Divisions

RICE Recruitment is a Subsidiary of ChangeU International, Asia’s #1 Change Experts, and affiliated to BorneoHunter Executive Search, the unique headhunters. RICE has vast databases of Foreign & Local Interns & Graduates.

Wild Rice is one of 5 Divisions of RICE Recruitment, specializing in hiring top Foreign INTERNS – from its vast databases.

Rice Bowl Apprenticeship specializes in hiring top fresh Foreign & Local GRADUATES.

NO Recruitment fee for Organizations (worth US$250)


RICE Recruitment Advisors.1

Read more about Wild Rice Foreign Internship: https://tinyurl.com/uwpc67u

Read full Wild Rice Flyer: https://www.smore.com/0zk8g


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Written: Robert Chaen
CEO of RICE Recruitment, ChangeU International, BorneoHunter Executive Search, Movsha Influencers Show, Purpel Youth Entrepreneurship CSR

Published: 26th February 2020.