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● 1. RICE Recruitment’s Corporate Clients in Asia tend to be of higher performance than other Asian Organizations, our corporate surveys show.

● 2. Foreign Interns have a better opportunity to enhance their qualities and skills: leadership, freedom of expression and opinion, creativity, outside-the-box thinking.

● 3. In China and parts of Asia, Foreign Interns are purposefully hired to enhance the public image of corporations and brands.

● 4. There is a strong possibility of extending the Internship to permanent employment as internship relationship is an excellent measure of the suitability of the Foreign Intern to fit into the corporate culture of the organization.

● 5. Asian Organizations welcome invaluable new perspectives and new innovative concepts which may not have imagined by Local Interns.

● 6. Asian Organizations welcome Foreign Interns’ new energies, fresh excitement, and team spirit within the teams.

● 7. Over 90% Asian Organizations who hired Foreign Interns have good experiences and will hire Foreign Interns again.

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Written: Robert Chaen
CEO of RICE Recruitment, ChangeU International, BorneoHunter Executive Search, Movsha Influencers Show, Purpel Youth Entrepreneurship CSR

Published: 26th February 2020.

The 7 Benefits of a Foreign Internship in ASIA