A short story about Guardian Angels by Robert Chaen

My maternal Grandmother Ah Ma was one of my early guardian angels. She was probably my first Crossover Whispering. My Grandma lived to see me marry my Twin Soul, my late Hong Kong Portuguese wife, Brenda José and tasted my cup of Chinese tea in the traditional wedding tea-drinking ritual in my hometown Ipoh, Malaysia.

At my wedding, Grandma was around 91 years old, was very sick and weak with swollen feet, a sign of a weakening heart. My mum was so worried that she would die before my wedding day as there will not be any Chinese wedding celebration in my family when a close parent or grandparents die.

The next day after my wedding day, I visited Grandma, talked to her Soul to let go, to crossover, and reminded her that she lived a good life, and that she did see me marry, her last grandson of my mum’s children to get married (my second brother Jimmy is mentally challenged, so he cannot marry).

Exactly forty days after my wedding, Grandma crossed over, and later became one of my Guardian Angels. I prefer to use this term crossover, than die, as the Soul do not die, only the body dies.

Where are Guardian Angels found?
Guardian Angels transit from the 6th Dimension of The Universe called the Angelic Realm (aka The Afterlife, Heaven, Astral plane) to the physical Universe.

A common disbelief is a Guardian Angel has to be “perfect”, “pure”,  without flaws. In fact from my years of working with guardian angels and saints, all guardian angels and saints had some various degrees of deep serious flaws and vulnerabilities as a normal human being.

Read about The Dark Letters of Mother Teresa, and you’ll find history has shown that even saints have been tormented about their faith. All religious founders had shared about their very dark moments of doubts, despair and darkness.

What I’m most turned off are ‘holier-than-thou’ hypocrites and squeaky clean and pure ‘Stepford Wives‘ Preachers who only show their good PR side, and totally hide their Dark Sides from their followers.

The 7 Signs of the Makings of a Guardian Angel:

1. Someone who helped people while one was still alive.
Some notable examples are Mother Theresa, and English King Charles 2 who in the 1650s was known to have healed 150,000 people by simply laying hands on them

2. Some crossed over family member, spouse, or best friend who was there for you before and even more now from the Angelic Realm (The 6th Dimension of The Universe).
But Guardian Angels need not be public figures or famous people who helped numerous people. Your grandmother or mentor friend could be your Guardian Angel who may be guiding you or have been sending Afterlife or Angelic Signs whether you know it or not.

We have read about notable guardian angels in X Factor , America’s Got Talent, or in some Soul Mates & Twin Flames lyrics.

3. Someone who died young or innocent children and youth who wrote or showed acts of kindness
Some notable examples are Saint Joan of Arc, Princess Diana, Eva Peron, Welles Crowther, the Red Bandanna Man who saved 18 lives in 9/11, and Anne Frank.

4. Some song writers, poets, singers, artists, actors, and dancers
Notable examples are Lao Tzu or Laozi, Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Rabindranath Tagore, John Lennon, and even Elvis Presley whom some fans claimed to pray to him for help and did receive help in times of trouble.

5. Some religious founders and deities
Notable examples are Christ and Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy).

From my whisperings with Angel Brenda, Kwan Yin and Christ are not God as God has no religion, name, or human body, but Kwan Yin and Christ are very powerful guardian angels who continue to guide large sections of humanity.

6. Some Twin Souls
Notable Twin Souls are the Founder Soul Christ and Chariot Soul Jesus, Gautama Buddha Twin Souls (Buddha is the Founder Soul, and Gautama was the Chariot Soul for Buddha).

7. Some Soul Mates and especially Twin Flames
Many of us can relate to our own Soul Mates who was or are very close to us. Your current Soul Mate may likely become your Guardian Angel if she or he dies before you.

Or, you can consciously choose to become a Guardian Angel for your Soul Mate, your family and even strangers when you cross over…

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Written: Whisperer Robert Chaen, with #Whisperings with Angel Brenda

Published: 22nd February 2020.


Sweet Reunion & Lyrics by Kenny Loggins. A Love Song about Soulmates & Twin Flames

So we meet again, my long lost friend
Once again, we get to start anew,
And it feels like a thousand years,
I’ve been loving you.
How many lifetimes have I loved you,
How many times have you loved me, …


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