A short evaluation of Brahma Kumaris key beliefs, promises of heaven and deity perfection, and Shiva Baba’s 5,000 year cycle and 5 ages.

Brahma Kumaris god Shiva Baba has made 5 promises since his alleged incarnation in 1936, when Shiva Baba entered his chariot, Brahma Baba. Let’s find out if Shiva Baba’s 5 promises are true, false, or impossible to happen.

Shiva Baba’s supposed Five Key Roles are:
1. to incarnate every 5,000 years to start Confluence Age,
2. to bring about the end of the world and Iron Age,
3. to establish his Golden Age and heaven on earth in India,
4. to bring all souls back to his Soul World as the supreme soul,
5. to start the next identical 5,000 year Cycle with the reincarnation of BKs as human deities in his Golden Age i.e. the establishment of the ancient Deity Race, followed by the reincarnation of other less ‘pure’ non-BK human souls, and less pure world religions such as Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

Shiva Baba’s 5 Promises to BKs: True, false, or impossible to happen?

1. Will Shiva Baba bring all souls back to his Soul World?

Shiva Baba and Brahma Kumaris are unclear about whether the first souls start to return to his Soul World as soon as Shiva Baba incarnated in 1936, during the Confluence Age, or souls will only return en masse to his Soul World at the end of Confluence Age and Iron Age – supposed by latest 2036.

Image result for The chicken or the egg first?

Which came first – the chicken or the egg, Krishna or Krishna’s parents, who will be the world’s first perfect human?

Brahma Kumaris can’t explain which came first the egg or the chicken, who will be Earth’s first perfect human deity: Golden Aged body of Krishna (the supposed reincarnated Brahma Baba, aka Adam, Adi Dev, first perfect man) or Krishna’s parents (do they have Iron Aged- bodies or perfect Golden aged-bodies?

How can Iron Aged bodies give birth to perfect Krishna without sex, and if Krishna’s parents were perfect, how did their own parents become perfect, born without sex, according to Shiva Baba? Totally confusing.

From my whisperings with Angel Brenda, no human Soul including Shiva Baba can control the birth, death, reincarnation, and Karma of any Soul, or control where a Soul should be in the 7 Dimensions of Universe.

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2. Will Shiva Baba or drama bring “Doomsday Day” or the end of the world? Impossible.

For the last 5 thousand years of written history and through all the ages, religious founders including Christ, Mohammad, and Shiva Baba had predicted the end of the world or judgment day, but the end of Earth or doomsday day has never happened, or will not happen in the near or far distant future.



At least five separate extinction episodes have threatened life on Earth, destruction brought on by both cosmic bombardments and the planet’s own internal turmoil.

As recently as 251 million years ago, the Permian-Triassic extinction event annihilated 90 percent of all marine species and 70 percent of all land vertebrates [source: ScienceDaily]. Fortunately for us, life endured — and has since survived two additional major extinction events.


Diff bet Shiva Baba, Golden Age


3. Will Shiva Baba or drama destroy all traces of Iron Age and Golden Age?

Shiva Baba claims that his Golden Age had happened before 5,000 years ago and every 5,000 years. Yet there are simply no traces or even a single proof of the perfect heaven in India in the form of historical heaven artefacts and palace ruins.

Moreover, Brahma Kumaris can’t explain how all traces of Iron Age i.e. Iron-aged technologies, internet, and world cities will all be totally destroyed and disappear with no traces at the end of Iron Age, then for world cities to be built identically again in the next 5,000 cycle, from scratch. How is it even possible?

4. Will Shiva Baba create Golden Age and make BKs into perfect human deities? Impossible.
Why? Because there were no perfect humans with no sicknesses and no wars living in a perfect heaven ever in the history of Bharat India.


5. Will Shiva Baba’s 5,000 year cycle actually happen identically?

It is absolutely impossible for Earth to have a 5,000 year cycle that repeats identically every 5,000 years. It is simply impossible for Iron Age to suddenly be transformed into heaven in 100 years, and impossible for perfect Golden & Silver Ages to suddenly deteriorate to imperfection in Bronze & Iron Ages in a short 100 years. Evolution and Earth’s catastrophes take millions and billions of years.

Many followers say that Shiva Baba’s teachings are most impressive but my 41 year research proves that Shiva Baba’s teachings are weird, delusional, and impossible to happen, and Shiva Baba’s family-isolating cult brainwashing and doomsday warnings have resulted in countless thousands of failed marriages, families, and careers.

In conclusion, my expert evaluation is Shiva Baba’s 5 promises to Brahma Kumaris are delusional, and absolutely impossible to happen.

Written: Whisperer Robert Chaen
International cultbuster, world’s second Chinese BK (1979-1989), co-founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia with Tom (circa 1981)

Published: 10th February 2020.


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