Happy Lichun-Lap Chun 立春, the New Lunar Year.

Li Chun signifies the beginning of spring on the Chinese calendar.

Other than the start of a season, Li Chun is also seen as an auspicious date to deposit money, for those who believe in feng shui.

The exact time frames, however, differ for each zodiac.



Try balancing an egg upright today with my amazingly easy method. Make a WISH and give THANKS to the Universe, when you are successful.

How to balance an egg upright during Lichun-Lap Chun 立春, the Beginning of Spring (Whisperer Robren’s way)

Use your 2 forefingers and 2 thumbs, form an invisible finger-thumb square near the top quarter of the egg, slowly move the finger square back and forth in all directions without holding it, soon you’ll find the centre of gravity, if you are skillful in less than 30 seconds.

Of course, if you want to balance the egg vertically on the narrower side, it will take a longer time, but my way still works the same.

In Chinese culture, a new year (lunar year) actually starts on Lap Chun (立春), the official first day of Spring in the Chinese lunar calendar, which usually falls on February 4th or 5th.  Lap Chun (in cantonese) is equivalent to the Spring/Vernal Equinox.  In mandarin, it is pronounced as Lìchūn.

For those born in the new Gregorian year but before Lap Chun, they are considered to be born in the previous year Chinese zodiac. Therefore, Lap Chun is actually a very important day for all Chinese.

Lap chun’ is considered the day many attribute to the way eggs can stand upright on end, as it is believed that on ‘lap chun’ day, the ‘qi’ or energy from the earth is at its strongest and many believers would try to balance uncooked eggs on flat surfaces to herald this day.

In my opinion, you can balance an egg upright – anytime. And Qi or Chi is just a Chinese myth.

Other than on ‘lap chun’ day, the other day in a year that eggs are able to be placed vertically easier is on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, or the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Duanwu festival.

The Chinese also believe that those who pray or start farming on ‘lap chun’ day will be blessed, and in modern days, many choose double ‘lap chun’ years, to get married or start a family due to this belief.

Egg balancing has been connected with ‘Lichun’, one of the 24 solar terms in a year according to the traditional East Asian calendars, marking the beginning of Chinese spring on February 4 or 5 when the sun is at the celestial longitude of 315 degrees.

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The Robren Show: Meaning of Chinese Culture!

By Whisperer Robert Chaen

Published: 4th February 2020.
Updated: 4th February 2022.



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