“Leaving an old decade of memories.
Loving in a new decade of dreams and

In the last decade, I’ve experienced:

● The birth of Papillon-Butterfly Life-Changing PowerCamp.
● The startup of entrepreneurship (ChangeU, Change University, BorneoHunter, Movsha Influencers Show, Wentures Capital).
● The exposé of scams and cults.
● The crossing-over of my father, Michael (19th February 2015).
● The crossing-over of Brenda José, my wife and Twin Soul, and the birth of Angel Brenda (23rd December 2013).
● The beginning of my Twin Souls Mission with Angel Brenda.
The most afterlife signs from Angel Brenda.
● The Angelic Intervention in MH370 of my cousin and 50 UiTM foreign exchange students (8th March 2014).
● The evolution of my Whisperings Writing.
● The blessings and power of Liberty Trinity Angels of Love, Truth & Light.

In the new decade, I’ll…

Whisperer Robert Chaen - Sensing, Knowing, Attracting

Written: Robert Chaen

Published: 31st December 2019.
Updated: 1st January 2020.