1. Footage of trucks from the paramilitary People’s Armed Police in Shenzhen has circulated online

Footage of trucks from the paramilitary People’s Armed Police in Shenzhen has circulated online

2. Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre by Maxar Technologies

A satellite image appears to show a close-up of Chinese military vehicles at Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre in Shenzhen. Photo by Maxar Technologies



Over 1 Million Protest March in Hong Kong after 4th June 1989 Massacre

5. China-defends-killing-thousands-of-protesters-in-brutal-1989-Tiananmen

Second June 4th PLA Crackdown in Hong Kong will be the Return of Bad Karma and the Fall the Chinese Communist Party. ~ Robren

  • Military action would trigger international backlash, observers say, as US expresses concern over reported paramilitary movements and ‘erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy’

A US State Department spokeswoman said it was important for the Hong Kong government to respect “freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly” and for Beijing to adhere to its commitments to allow a high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong.

“The continued erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy puts at risk its long-established special status in international affairs,” she said.

The tension deepened after US President Donald Trump, citing intelligence sources, tweeted that the Chinese government was moving troops to the border with Hong Kong. Trump described the situation in the city as “tricky” and called on all sides to remain “calm and safe”.

Footage of trucks from the paramilitary People’s Armed Police rolling into Shenzhen began circulating online on Saturday.

As the trade war with the US goes on, Hong Kong’s importance to our financial system is getting bigger,” Shi Yinhong, an international relations expert at Renmin University said. “If Beijing intervenes with too much assertiveness, the US might revoke the preferential status of Hong Kong.”

He was referring to the US’ 1992 Hong Kong Policy Act which gives the city a special status. In June, American lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill requiring the US government to examine Hong Kong’s autonomy annually to decide whether to extend the arrangement.

Losing that status could cripple the operations of many businesses based in Hong Kong, said Shen Dingli, a Shanghai-based international affairs expert.

“There would be a lot of opposition from interest groups in the US. Hong Kong is the bridgehead for many multinational corporations and investors from Wall Street to get into the Chinese market,” said Wang Yong, who also teaches at an academy affiliated with China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The whole world is watching. Beijing has exercised restraint for two months and still hasn’t taken any clear action because this is not an easy choice,” said Pang Zhongying, an international relations specialist at Ocean University of China in Qingdao.

While some observers said Beijing was under political pressure to end the protests in Hong Kong before October 1 – the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic, Shi said the central government would not lose patience so easily.


‘Risks still too big’ for China to send in troops to quell Hong Kong unrest

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Published: 15th August 2019.


Before Pro-China Supporters criticize the Hong Kong Radicals, have a good look at what the most violent government in modern history (over 50 million Chinese killed) – the Chinese Communist Party did on June 4th 1989 (previously unseen photos obtained by The Guardian).

It’s going to happen again until…



Chinese Communist Party risks another Tiananmen tragedy in the coming years (Fortune). And why Hong Kong Protests will become the ‘Catalyst for CHANGE and Democracy in China – the beginning of a Revolution.