The ‘Liberty’ Angels are one of the most powerful and most useful Trinity Angels to ask help from. Why?
Because the Liberty Angels can help you in the 3 most important key result areas of your life: Love-Truth-Light.
With the Liberty Triple Angels standing beside you, you have courage any hostility, adversity and even in seemingly impossible David & Goliath situations.

The Trinity Angels can liberate you from your 3 Biggest Karmic Debts, and any situation where you are stuck.

Firstly, a quick Overview Description of the “Liberty” Triple Angels and their Specialties:
The Angel of Unconditional Love (aka The Love Angel):
* Love  * Intimacy  * Passion  * Compassion  * Forgiveness  *
* Protection from: controlling people, parents, spouse, religions, cults, relationship cheating

The Angel of Truth (aka The Truth Angel):
* Truth  * Purpose  * Mission  * Freedom  * Honesty  * Exposé
* Protection from: family dark secrets, personal dark secrets, lies, cheating, scams, con, corruption, tyranny, falsehood, false logical fallacies, cults, religious false brainwashing,

The Angel of Light (aka The Light Angel):
* Light  * Principles  * Clarity  * Vision  * Big Karmic Debts
* Protection from: darkness, dark forces, evil, bad people, evil spirits, dark & fallen Angels, vices, lust, anger, pride/arrogance, jealousy, gluttony, laziness, greed, attachments, addictions, seduction

How to Call upon the ‘LIBERTY’ Trinity Angels:
Very simply, you just pray or call upon the Angels by name and make your prayer as specific as possible.


The Liberty Trinity Angels - Light - Turth - Love
These are some Artists’ depiction of the ‘Liberty’ Trinity Angels.
In reality, Angels don’t have physical wings or need wings to “fly”.

Trinity Angels are NOT your typical Guardian Angels (who are our loved ones helping us from The Afterlife).

Trinity Angels are known as “Virtue Angels, Principle Angel” as they represent a specific Virtue, Principle, and Value.

Just like Angel Kwan Yin clearly represent Mercy and Compassion and in many Chinese communities and older generation families worship Kwan Yin like my Grandma.


I have 2 incredible personal stories to share about Angel Kwan Yin

The first is Ambrose Chan.
Ambrose’s father Chan was once of a time one of the richest families (descended from The Emperor of China’s “Kun”, the closest inner circle Emperor’s Advisors), but Chan’s fate at the end of his life he was a pauper but because of Chan’s charitable deeds earn Chan’s family and children favors and free health care.

Ambrose approach me for a reading with a “rain-check” payment i.e. when he has the money at at later date he will pay me in full. He never did.

My two other Business Partners of Odyssey my wife Brenda Jose and Helen Forty, the famous British Architect turned Astrologist and Healer were not interested to take up Ambrose rain-check offer. Then I had a super-strong presence of Angel Kwan Yin who appeared to me telepathically and gave me her Angelic Message “Help my devotee. He can’t pay you but I guarantee you’ll get many times more payment indirectly in kind.

Sure enough that year 1998 I signed up GAP Sourcing worth over HK$150,000. The HR Director of GAP was a headhunted candidate of Ambrose. I got more business from GAP than all the other Trainers combined.

Angel Kwan Yin fulfilled her Angelic Promise to me. I was stunned by the sheer power of Angels.


The second is when I helped my late wife Brenda José find her Cheung Chau Hometown to start a healing meditation center. Thus home later became Brenda and my pre-marriage home.

Brenda did some Manifestation and Law of Attraction Prayers to get a good place for her  meditation and healing center in Cheung Chau. Everytime she would see two symbols – Angel Kwan Yin and a Red Rose.

We went a few times together to Cheung Chau to see suitable apartments but many were too small or too expensive. Then last minute, late in the evening, the real estate agent encouraged to see the last apartment. We saw the two bedroom apartment with a sizeable living room suitable for workshops.

Villas Des Roses

Entrance of Villas Des Roses

When Brenda asked what is the address, the real estate agent said:


35 Kwun Yam Wan Road, Cheung Chau

The address had the two symbols Brenda saw in her meditation-prayer – Rose and there is a Kwan Yin Temple at the bottom of the Kwun Yam Wan Road facing the beach and sea. She immediately signed the lease rental. One of many true stories with Angel Kwan Yin.



The Angel Of Unconditional Love (aka The Love Angel)

  • The Angel of Unconditional Love is channeled by Angel Brenda

The LOVE will conquer and free all.


Brenda Sunflower Fairy & Butterlfy FACE.jpg

Angel of Unconditional Love

The Angel Of Truth (aka The Truth Angel)

  • The Angel of Truth is channeled by Whisperer Robert Chaen.
Light - Jason Chan - Wizards of the Coast

Angel of Truth

From my direct experience, the Angel of Truth is extremely difficult to channel.

I love the Artist’s depiction of the Angel of Truth. The Angel looks very skinny yet she holds the enormous Sword of Truth effortless like Thor. People may underestimate the obvious fragility of this Angel but she is blindfolded with a hood – which symbolizes this Angel is BLIND in executing the Truth, and can cut any chains and bondage when called upon in prayer.

The TRUTH will set you FREE.

The Art of Telling The Truth is one of the hardest Art as Truth hurts – right down to the Soul level and Karmic Lesson level.

That’s why Dark Family Secrets are sometimes kept silent all the way to the grave.
But it is best to own up, confess to at least one person or priest, and admit one’s Dark Secret and one’s Dark Family Secret.

Otherwise the Truth will keep gnawing at your conscience for all your life.

Image result for liar jim carrey

It reminds of the Jim Carey Film “Liar Liar”:
Conniving attorney Fletcher Reede (Jim Carrey) is an ace in the courtroom, but his dishonesty and devotion to work ruin his relationships. His wife, Audrey (Maura Tierney), has left him for a more dependable man, and Fletcher often breaks the commitments he makes to his beloved son, Max (Justin Cooper). When Max wishes his dad would stop lying for 24 hours, Fletcher suddenly finds that he can only speak the truth — on the day his career-deciding court case has to be won.

I find it ultra-difficult to keep totally silent about big lies, falsehood in religions, cults, politics, and bad business, corruption, hypocrisy, and evil in general.

Most people will just let it slip but I just can’t – I won’t – and I need to express and share the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God and my Angels.

That’s why even the slightest wrong I sometimes feel so compelled to speak, write, and share.

Case in point: I got cheated by a typical “Bait and Switch Con” by a Hong Kong electronics shop. I ended up creating a PR campaign against the shop through public miming with over ten newspapers and paparazzi reporting of my public mime of pointing a finger at the cheating shop. Read more

Robert Chaen: International Cult and Scam Expert. Exposé that bites.

Many people underestimate what I am CAPABLE of doing – on many levels:
* Physical Capability: I take a lot of pain e.g. my circumcision at a very late age
* Emotional Capability: I
* Mental Capability: I have Mild Bipolar Disorder. I deal with Manic-Depression every day with various degrees of intensity.
* Spiritual Capability: Since 7 years old, I have always been spiritual. I have 4 Planets in Virgo and my Ascendant is Scorpio.
Creativity Capability: I use my “Hypo-Mania” for creative writing, speaking, strategies, and innovative marketing concepts.
Twin Souls & Angel Whisperer Capability:  Only I can channel, write, and channel Angel Brenda, my Twin Soul, and late Hong Kong-born Portuguese Wife.
Afterlife Sign Capability:  I’m capable to identify countless Angel Brenda’s Irrefutable Afterlife Signs. I also teach others how to receive Afterlife Signs from their departed loved ones.

Angel Brenda: The Angel with The Top 11 Most Irrefutable Afterlife Signs

* CEO-Celebrity Whisperer Capability: many CEOs, tycoons, celebrities whisper their life secrets to me and also their secrets of success and overcoming failures and weaknesses.
* Ghost Whisperer Capability: I use this on rare occasion if I think I need to get the truth e.g. I ghost-whispered with MH370 Captain Zaharie about what happened to MH370. This video now has 57,000+ views:

The MH370 Ghost of Captain Zaharie whispered WHERE, WHY & WHAT happened to MH370

# MH370 - Why, Where & What Happened.jpg


The Angel Of Light (aka The Light Angel)
The Angel of Light is channeled by Angel Brenda, Whisperer Robert Chaen, and
prays for ‘The Fallen’ – those fallen from grace, pride, greatness, status, reputation, etc.

Anne Stokes - 25-Angel-art_by_Ironshod

Angel of Light


The ‘Fallen’ are:
* Fallen Angels  * fallen soldiers  * fallen tycoons  * fallen marriages  * fallen & broken love  *

Fallen because of:
* Lust  * Anger  * Pride/ Arrogance  * Jealousy  * Gluttony  * Laziness  * Greed  * Attachments  * Addictions  * Seduction by Daji, the 9-tailed Fox Seducer   * Big Karmic Debts  *

The LIGHT will enlighten and dispel all forms of darkness.


# Robren TwinSouls + Slogan.jpg

Written by: Robren TwinSouls

Published: 9th August 2019.
Updated: 3rd September 2019.



Where can Angels, Ghosts, and Souls go?

Angels can go to all the 7 Dimensions except 7th Dimension as there is no activity there.

Do Angels go to Ghost World?
Yes, Angels can go Ghost World to help Ghosts cross over to the 7th Dimension (aka BeforeLife, Nirvana)

No, Angels do not go to Purgatory Dimension 5.2
However, the Soul may go temperorikyb to Ghost World for unsettled Karma and/or
Purgatory to settle “Backlog” Karma before going to the last place 7th Dimension to RIP before (life) reincarnating in the 1-4 Physical Dimensions.

Ghosts on the other hand can only go to 1-4
Dimensions, and Ghost World 5.1.


The ‘Liberty’ Angels are one of the most powerful and most useful Trinity Angels you can ask help – for Love, Truth, Light, Freedom, Guidance & Protection