• Hong Kong has been rocked by eight consecutive weekends of protests, disrupting transport, the retail sector and tourism
  • As the protests spread and turn increasingly violent, what does it mean for people with trips to the city planned?

With the protests spreading and growing more violent, and causing disruption to transport and the retail sector, tourists have been warned to take precautions in Hong Kong, named the most visited city in the world for the eighth year in a row in 2018.

Since July, a number of countries have issued travel warnings for Hong Kong, including Ireland, Japan, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Jason Wong Chun-tat, chairman of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong, which represents travel agents in the city, says Hong Kong remains a safe place.

“The Hong Kong Tourism Board will ensure notices about the protests will be up at tourist hot spots. Notifications about the dates and venues of protests and transport changes will be sent to the industry for distribution to visitors,” he says.

If you go:

For more information and updates on specific tourist attractions, check the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s website (discoverhongkong.com) or call its hotline at 852 2508 1234 (Available from 9am to 6pm daily). For latest flight updates and alerts, visit the Hong Kong International Airport website:hongkongairport.com


Is Hong Kong safe to visit as protests continue to grip the city? Advice for tourists

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Published: 6th August 2019.
Updated: 11th August 2019.


Hong Kong TRAVEL WARNINGS: DON’T wear BLACK or WHITE T-SHIRTS. DON’T go to the Frontlines. Ask for help from the nearest Hongkonger.


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