• The controversial border control system is based on ‘vague’ laws and has been accused of being subject to political overreach.
  • Cryptocurrency billionaire Justin Sun was placed on the list in June 2018 but still somehow managed to leave China and travel to the US in October.

It is public knowledge that China, like many other sovereign countries, has a blacklist as part of its border control system, barring people from entering or even leaving the country.


A lack of details about how the system works, such as what infractions cause a person to be placed on the list, has raised concerns that it is growing rapidly and that decisions are subject to political overreach. The US Department of State warned its citizens in January that Chinese authorities have asserted that they have broad authority to prohibit US citizens from leaving China.


Bian Kong, or border control, is now a buzzword in reports about travel restrictions on Chinese tycoons and prominent political dissidents. The debate about the system heated up in July after Chinese magazine Caixin reported that Justin Sun, a 29-year-old billionaire who amassed wealth via a questionable cryptocurrency, was placed on China’s border control list in June 2018 but still somehow managed to leave China and travel to the US in October.

Sun’s case was the latest in a series of prominent Chinese figures reportedly prohibited from leaving the country.

But since the threshold is believed to be relatively low, the number of people on the list could be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, according to estimates by lawyers and researchers.

Under Chinese law, anyone who is involved in criminal or civil lawsuits or investigations, or even a person who could “assist” in police investigations, can be placed on the banned list.

Another lawyer, who asked not to be named, said that “the law is vague, and in practice the police have unchecked power over whether to prevent people from leaving the country”.

There is often no appeal process in place to have a ban lifted if the person believes it was implemented in error, according to Chen from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

But, according to the police officer, there are loopholes in the system which can leave gaps of hours or even days between the expiration of a ban and the renewal which a person can take advantage of. Caixin speculated that this was one of the possible explanations for Sun’s ability to leave China.


A person fleeing the country may also try extreme measures to test whether he is on the exit ban list. In 2015, after Beijing launched a widespread investigation into financial fraud, a tycoon fled to Shenzhen with the intent of leaving the country. At 1am, he was informed by phone that he should leave for Hong Kong immediately. He rushed to the 24-hour border crossing accompanied by his aide and carrying a single suitcase.


At the border, according to a family member who heard the story directly from the tycoon, he asked his aide to go first to check if the ban had been imposed, and only when the aide was allowed to cross, did he follow.


China’s mysterious ‘Bian Kong’ system that can bar anyone from entering or leaving the country

#RobertReview (China’s Bian Kong Border Control): 9 | 10

Case in point: Communist Party of China introducing Social Credit System, massive Islamic and Religious Re-education programs, the Economic Imperialism of dictator “President for Life” President Xi’s One Belt One Road across Asia, and the Military occupation of islands in South China Sea.

The Totalitarian Communist Party of China is out of sync with the rest of the developed world.

● This is WHY Hong Kong Protesters don’t TRUST the NO Rule of Law legal system of the tyrannical Communist Party of China.

●  Google the atrocities and millions killed under by the rule of the one Communist Party of China and June 4 Massacre. There is NO check and balance in a one Communist Party system.

Underneath all the protest and strike chaos WHAT Hongkongers are fighting Communist China about are: Liberty, Brutality, Rule of Law, Human Rights, Limited Government, and World City.

Published: 6th August 2019.
Updated: 11th August 2019.


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