When you believe a kleptocrat (Najib) and a money-laundering fugitive (Zakir Naik) are honorable only because they are MUSLIMS, then the belief is man-made blind faith and islamofascist.

Is this anti-Islamic or anti-corruption?

According to  PAS Ahmad Fadhli Shaari it is Lim Kit Siang (a Malaysian Citizen), not Zakir Naik (a Fugitive wanted in his home country India for money laundering charges) who should leave Malaysia.

When a Non-Muslim questions the logical fallacies and weird thinking of supporting and protecting corrupt Muslims by some Muslim extremist, is it anti-Islam or is it ant-corruption?

Why are so many Muslim Extremists always attacking Lim Kit Siang and DAP as Anti-Islamic when they are just being a voice of conscience?

Why is it OK for Zakir Naik to use his hate speeches as PUNCHING BAGS for Non-Islamic religions?
Why is it NOT OK to debate and question Zakir Naik’s countless embarrassing logical fallacies?

Zakir Naik is an Extremist Islamofascist CULT – a spreading CANCER to be removed.
Same Cancer HATE CULT as Firdaus Wong and Prof Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

When you can’t question your religion, it’s BLIND FAITH.

Written by Robren

Published: 2nd August 2019.



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Public LOUDSPEAKERS in Religious Places should be BANNED as sound pollution and a violation of rights of citizens. Loudspeakers are not intrinsic to any religion because it was invented in 1924.