There are countless qualities that make Hongkongers unique.

Some of the admirable characteristics include their respect for the rule of law; their courage to speak up against injustice and their loyalty to families and loved ones, just to name a few.

Other qualities are their resilience, adaptability, efficiency, street-smartness, open-mindedness, and civilised attitudes, all of which are contributory factors to their distinctive “Hongkongness”.

The recent political upheaval in the city caused by the now-suspended controversial extradition bill has put the courage of Hongkongers on full display to the world.

They explained that the core character of being a Hongkonger was to have the durability and resilience to withstand and overcome all kinds of challenges and difficulties.

They said as Hongkongers, they found it their obligation as well as their natural desire to love this city unconditionally, and that is what drives them to do their utmost to safeguard their families, their homes, and their future.

One thing that is a markedly Hong Kong characteristic is that despite their individualistic attitude, which is sometimes viewed as being self-centred, Hong Kong people can come together as an unstoppable force.

When they act in unison, they can achieve almost anything.

Previously, factors that influenced the formation of the Hong Kong identity were families, peers, communities, and maybe even the mass media.

The Hong Kong identity is one of a kind; Hong Kong people need to stop undermining their true self-identity and appreciate they are what they are. Hong Kong people are unique, headstrong, and courageous in times of trouble and hardship.

However, Hongkongers are fundamentally peaceful, law-abiding, and empathetic.

In a sign of Hongkongers’ capacity for empathy, protesters make way for an ambulance during a protest last month. Photo: AFP

In a MOVING sign of Hongkongers’ capacity for empathy, protesters make way for an ambulance during a protest last month. Photo: AFP

These distinctive characteristics were clearly demonstrated during a moving scene on June 16 when thousands of protesters were seen retreating like the parting of the Red Sea in order to clear a path for an ambulance to pass through.


We have witnessed numerous violent clashes between opposing groups in the extradition bill debacle. But no matter how difficult and how messy the situation has become, the bottom line is that the hearts and minds of Hongkongers cannot be bought, or beaten; they have to be won.


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Published: 30th July 2019.


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