Hong Kongers are sending powerful MESSAGES to Mainland Chinese and China through their PROTESTS EVERYWHERE – in the HK Airport, in Yuen Long where Pro-Communist Party Triads beat up protesters, in ‘Lennon Walls‘, activists outside Hong Kong, and the ‘STORMING of the Bastille’ of symbolic government and Beijing Liaison buildings.


Many foreigners and people of the world are concerned about the recent Hong Kong protesters and the violence.

First of all, if you still don’t know by now, the Hong Kong protests are NOT about protesting against the Hong Kong government, the Hong Kong Police, or even the white-shirt Triad gangsters per se.

The Hong Kong Protests are about Hong Kongers not trusting the legal system of Mainland CHINA and the control of freedom in Hong Kong.

Hong Kongers don’t TRUST China will follow the international standards of the rule of law. They have witnessed the kidnapping and disappearance of several book sellers right here in Hong Kong whose publications were critical of China.

If China can illegally kidnap Hong Kongers in Hong Kong, then the Extradition Bill is the legal way for China to force Hong Kong to extradite whoever it wants. That goes the thinking of the shocking 2,000,000+ Black-Attired Protesters or 30% of Hong Kongers on 16th June 2019.

The only rule of law in China is the quasi-totalitarianism rule by only one political party (The Communist Party) and its dictatorial President. There is no check and balance in one party political system.

Through the “One Country Two Systems”, China was supposed to leave Hong Kong “alone” as a Special Administrative Region. – for 50 years after the Handover in 1997. But China just could not leave Hong Kong alone, and want to mess with Hongkongers.

It’s obvious that the Communist Party of China wants Hong Kong to be a lot less vocal and a lesser important and prominent Chinese City than the current China’s Tier 1 Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.

Many people have commented that Hong Kong will further lose its status and significance under China control, as years go by.

However, Hong Kongers are not bothered about being one of the most prosperous or most prominent China Cities.

Rather, Hong Kong will always remain and maintain itself as a truly UNIQUE WORLD CITY. Hongkongers don’t want to be another China City. That’s what China government wants.

● Most importantly, Hong Kongers want to retain its World City status – NOT China City status.

● Underestimate the influence, speed, craftiness, and savvy of Hong Kongers on the world stage at your peril.

● You have no idea what Hong Kongers are capable of doing and influencing the World to join them in their causes and their fight for liberty.

● Hong Kongers will always march to their beat of their own drums.

● After 150 years of Colonial British rule, Hong Kongers will be DEFIANT. They will not allow anyone, not even China to control their lives, purpose and destiny.

● Hong Kongers will educate Mainland Chinese what liberty, freedom, rule of law, democracy, and human rights are.

● More Mainland Chinese will join Hong Kongers as that’s what humanity is about.


Hongkongers have very long ago realized that China will be most prominent in the world stage. In fact, most Hong Kong tycoons want to be part of the progress of China Cities. The population of China is 188 times bigger than Hong Kong. Obviously Hong Kong is no match to China, as the world’s second biggest economy.

And more importantly, Hong Kongers’ ancestry homes are in China.

That’s why before the 1997 Handover from Britain to China, Hong Kong businesses invested around 50% of all FDIs (Foreign Direct Investment). Then other countries invested in China. Many Hong Kongers bought property especially in Pearl River Delta-Greater Bay Area of Southern China and more than 22,000 cross-border commuters live in Shenzhen in 2008.

Secondly, about the violence and damage to Hong Kong government and Beijing Liaison Office building interiors.

Rather than focusing on what damage was done to buildings, one should focus on the REAL issue behind the violence and damage. Hong Kongers have shown to have an excellent track record to being peaceful.

There are always BAD APPLES that spoil the whole bunch and process of liberty.

IF you know WHY has so many Hong Kongers turned violent, then you know why values and principles like Freedom and Rule of Law are most important to most Hong Kongers. But Hongkongers are too practical and will not reach anarchy stage.

Just you like you try not to attack a woman if she was too emotional . You don’t attack or criticize her overly expressive gestures and remarks. You need to ask WHY and WHAT a woman is pissed about. And Hong Kongers are very pissed off lately.

The Hong Kong Protestors STORMING of the Legislative Council Building (1st July 2019) and Beijing’s Liaison Office (21st July 2019) is Similar to The Symbolic Storming of the Bastille.

The Symbolic STORMIMG of The Bastille
The main reason why the rebel Parisians stormed the Bastille was not to free any prisoners but to get ammunition and arms. At the time, over 30,000 pounds of gunpowder was stored at the Bastille. But to them, it was also a symbol of the monarchy’s tyranny.

This armed the Parisian rebels, allowing the possibility of a successful offensive attack. At the time the monarchy did not realize the significance of this capture, which speaks partly to his ignorance of the precariousness of French domestic politics at the time, but also that the event carries more symbolic significance than it did military strategic importance at the time.

Traditionally, this fortress was used by French kings to imprison subjects that didn’t agree with them politically, making the Bastille a representation of the oppressive nature of the monarchy. This event was the start of the French Revolution and the eventual fall of the French monarchy.


HK the biggest THORN on the side of China

Why Hong Kongers will remain The Biggest Thorn on the Side of China

In China’s 4,000 years history, the Chinese have always removed every one of the dozen or so Chinese Emperor Dynasties up until the Last Emperor of China, Puyi.

Eventually the Chinese will remove the 98-year old one-party Communist Party of China (founded in 1921) and replace it with Democracy. Just like the Fall of USSR and Communism around the world.

Chinese will follow little brothers Hongkongers because Mainland Chinese want Hong Kongers’ democracy and freedom.

Hongkongers will be the catalysts for change in China – not USA, not Trump.

We predict President Xi Jinping rule will be “The Peak of the Communist Party of China” with Xi’s One Road, One Belt world domination, and the despicable new “1984 Big Brother” Social Credit System.

After President Xi, CPC will fall like USSR.

But China’s history has shown that Chinese are restless people wanting change and freedom.

We predict there will be another JUNE 4 incident as more Mainland Chinese want more freedom and human rights. But let’s pray June 4 history doesn’t repeat itself.

Just like what happened in South Africa with the late Nelson Mandela’s violent protests. 

History has shown to repeat itself that great change often times come with bloodshed and violence which are inevitable.

Written by Robren
(This is an opinion piece and a prediction of the future of China and Hong Kong).

Published: 28th July 2019.
Updated: 11th August 2019.


SIDENOTE about violent HK Youth Activists:

There are many judgmental remarks from Foreigners about the violent HK Youth Activists. Many are offering their Strawman logical fallacies and chose to focus mainly on the BAD APPLES than the 2 Million + HK Protesters (i.e. 30% of the whole population).

In comparison, Foreigners shouldn’t focus on the violent BREXIT protesters, Neo-Nazis, trouble-makers, or immigrant haters; you should focus on the real issue and majority Brits at hand.

Foreigners focusing on these violent BAD Apple distractors are truly missing the BIG picture.



SIDENOTE about the Influence of External Forces on Hongkongers (i.e. USA):

Firstly, interference of USA has always been the accusation of China.
Secondly, Trump and USA are always instigating against China – obviously.

It’s the most common logical fallacy about many Foreigners that Hong Kongers are influenced by foreign forces. But Hongkongers are actually NOT instigated by any EXTERNAL forces.

Hongkongers have a unique mind of their own.
Hongkongers just want freedom and rule of law to decide their lives, future, and vote for their head of state.

In fact, it is the REVERSE way round.
As a World City (not a China City), Hongkongers are instigating education and involvement of FOREIGNERS  to the Hong Kong causes of liberty, rule of law, freedom, and human rights e.g. protesting in HKIA Airport.


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