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So freeing to listen to her expressing her feelings.
I feel like Sweet Sixteen all again.

Transcript Excerpt
“You can write anything. You can say the truth. You can not tell anybody that’s it’s the truth. You can just write it and it’s yours and nobody can see it.

For me, something that used to help a lot about depression and anything, it was dance and moving. Dance is really my way of expression.

If I was going through anything at all, I just have to get up, I’ve to walk, I’ve to run or I’ve to do something. That was always my way of just getting everything out at once. And not having to think about it, I can go, and move, and everything will be great.

You always need someone, or something, and so many people don’t have that. And I’m luckily I have music. I just want my music to get into people’s heads. And If you feel that way, then give me a hug.”

Rating:  #RobertReview (Writing, Dancing, Moving, Depression): 10 | 10

I always need my WRITING.
I just want my writing to get into people’s heads.
I’m creating concepts, principles, and paradigm shifts in peoples’ brain. I’m so good.
My art of writing, speaking, thinking, channelling, whispering, and magicking…

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Your art makes art.
It can
hit people.

You do NOT KNOW WHEN or WHERE or WHO or HOW but you don’t ever put it out there then nobody can be hit by it, nobody can create something out of it.

It is important to just get it out there.
(Only Writers and Art Creators know and sense this feeling and fulfillment)

There is going to be somebody that gets something from it.
Even if everybody hates what you are doing, but if ONE person likes it, you are creating art in that person’s brain. If those two people in the field out of the eight people likes my song, I’m good.

Celebrities. I grew up knowing NOT what to do.

People are always trying to dig into my past to know me

If you wanna know who I am speak to me about who I am right here right now.

“I just wanna create stuff that people can FEEL.”
“I’m 16. I’m not a god”
“I feel like a lotta people wanna be famous, just to literally be famous”.
“I want to evolve, I want to create new parts of myself, shed them, and then create something new”

“I don’t have a goal. I don’t want a goal” …
“I want to design a car, I want to make a movie”

“The only thing that doesn’t change about me, is the fact that I’m gonna change”

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Published: 27th July 2019.