I believe if Malaysia really gives its rightful share of Government Ministers and Government Linked Companies CEOs (GLC) and senior management to Chinese Malaysians (23.2%) & NON-Malays, Malaysia can equal if not rise higher than Singapore with its resources.

Don’t forget Singapore had attracted many Malaysian top talents and 386,000 Malaysians with most of them being ethnic Chinese to Singapore (2010). Therefore, part of Singapore success came from contributions by Malaysians.

Take for example Malaysia lost GRAB when Khazanah Nasional rejected Anthony Tan’s request for funding. But Temasek (Singapore) funded US$10 million, Grab moved its headquarters from Malaysia to Singapore, and the rest is history.

Read about WHY Robert Kuok moved his headquarters from Malaysia to Hong Kong:

Robert Kuok’s Memoirs about excessive handicapping of bumiputras, and the unfair, robbery of 30% shares from Non-Malays.


History has shown that UMNO has run Malaysia into the ground for the last 61 years, and stole from everyone including Malays (54.7%), East Malaysians (14.1%), Chinese (23.2%), and Indians (7%).

Case in point. The contribution of the first Chinese Minister of Finance in 44 years Lim Guan Eng has proven to be more than ALL the sacked 30 plus Malay CEOs of GLCs due to corruption, wastage and mismanagement. These chiefs were part of 17,000 political appointees of Najib.

Instead of running companies, those chief executives were busy running Barisan Nasional (BN) Campaign. The peak of their politicking was the making of a “Hebat Negaraku” music video, obviously to show their support for Najib leadership. For four-and-a-half-minute, it appeared worshipping Najib and sucking up to him could guarantee their “over-paid” jobs. At least 53 GLC Chiefs had sung songs of praise for Najib or actively campaigned for the ex-prime minister.

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The Top-15 Chief Executives of GLCs who have resigned or about to be jobless because they chose to play politics instead of running the companies they were entrusted to.
Click here for the full list.

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“When you support a thief, you are as bad as the thief.
You, your family, and community will receive the return of bad KARMA of the thief or the murderer. “
~ Robren 

Or do you want to follow PAS Hadi’s logical fallacy:
“It doesn’t matter if he has no integrity and doesn’t declare his assets, as long as he is a Muslim.”

Written by: Whisperer Robert Chaen


Published: 25th July 2019.


Looks like me. Sounds like me. But it’s Anwar who is behind the leaked, alleged Azmin Gay Video.