Rihana Oksana Petra continues to divulge further details on her official Instagram account about the relationship with her husband, Kelantan’s Sultan Muhammad V – who was Malaysia’s king when they married – and how they met.

In the second part of her story, she recounts how they stayed in touch after the first encounter – “At that time I cooperated with our common friend jeweller Jacob Arabo” – when she was still known by the name Oksana Voevodina.

“We continued our communication with my future husband by phone and called each other every day. We wanted to meet somewhere again very much. But that was not possible because of my modelling contracts. And we lived far away in different parts of the world.”

Rihana discussed the obstacles that lay in their path. “One of the very famous companies for women’s clothing offered me a one-year contract outside Russia. According to this contract, I would had [sic] to move to New York. My future husband was very upset and asked me not to make any decision about that job before our meeting.

She updated her Instagram account with a post that says: “In 2016, I was conferred [with] a master’s degree in management. I’m a specialist in international marketing. In the same year I opened a beauty salon in Moscow.”

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‘We lived far away in different parts of the world’: Former Miss Moscow Rihana Oksana Petra reveals more on Instagram about her love affair with Malaysian sultan


Published: 18th July 2019.


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