Jimmy Phoon, Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan’s right hand man, is not a sign of a great man – but an uncouth character who can’t spell right, write, debate, or speak professionally.

Although Jimmy is Dr Wong Jeh Shyan’s right hand man, he does not have the stature or the qualification to be Dr Wong’s successor. In fact, Dr Wong does not have a successor or even a certified MOC presenter. Why?

Contrary to what he preaches in MOC to be a “Level 6 Red Dot” (aka a “ghost”, i.e. the founder is no longer in operations and no one reports to her/him), Dr Wong Jeh Shyan is actually a Level 4 Red Dot (i.e. a founder who is totally in operations with direct reports) who can’t let go of his power or throne on top of his MOC MLM Business Cult.

After being with Dr Wong for a while (ONLY IF you are detached enough), you will inevitably discover Dr Wong does NOT practice what he preaches.

Everything in MOC and MOC Refresher course are twisted and a huge illusion to get MOC Alumni pumped up “high” on false promises and their flimsy aspirations to IPO and be a US$1B Unicorn.

In Chinese we call it “Yoke Sau Yoke Keuk” which means Dr Wong Jeh Shyan is still very much personally moving his hands and legs:

1. First Level MOC MLM LeadersMOC Promoters such as “Nash” Nazril Idrus of Precession Capital and Connie Low of Ladies Powerhouse.

2. Second Level MOC MLM Leaders:  MOC Alumni Projects such as Zamsaham of UncleZam, and Dr SK Tham of ALPS.

Dr Wong typically charges 20% of startup shares with little or no capital investment, pretends to give repeated generic advice, but leaves his First Level MLM Leaders to help in the projects.

3. Third Level MOC MLM: MOC Alumni in 17 Countries – daily pressure hard-selling of MOC Refresher courses (US$750-US$1,000) through countless daily Roll Call postings of the latest MOC Conference and generic useless Sub-Topics to ALL MOC WhatsApp groups like J44 Jakarta.

Jimmy is Dr Wong’s hatchet man who routinely removes MOC members who are not aligned to MOC’s weird and grandiose philosophies.I was one of Jimmy’s targets.

Jimmy is Dr Wong’s #1 best “Parrot” and “Ape”. He copies everything Dr Wong does, say, do, and think.

Jimmy is a clone of Dr Wong who can’t think for himself. He is one of the worse, inarticulate speakers I have ever listened to. His English misspellings are atrocious and a huge embarrassment. By virtue of his being Dr Wong’s right hand man, he gets to enjoy the spoils of Dr Wong’s MOC MLM pyramid, and travels together with Dr Wong to every MOC Conference in 17 countries – using MOC Alumni’s hard earned money in Refresher fees.

If Jimmy Phoon is Dr Wong Jeh Shyan’s right hand man, just imagine the rot and abuse in the whole MOC’s First Level MOC MLM and Second Level MOC MLM Cult.

He doesn’t understand finance, marketing mechanism, or even capital mechanism. That’s why of all MOC students he doesn’t understand MOC the most. He has to keep retaking MOC Recourses for nearly 100 times.

I showed my Business Studies Undergraduate-ChangeU Interns the FRM only once, and they can do all calculations of share dilution, KPI, PE ratios, etc. after only 1 hour. It’s really not so difficult to understand FRM that you need to attend refresher MOC Recourses many times.

There are Professional Ethical Practices in removing Members.
One of them is to give at least 3 Official Written Warnings (verbal warnings don’t count).

Jimmy Phoon did NOT do that.
He also did not offer any reason of removing me a member.

Is Jimmy Phoon above the law in MOC?
Yes. Is he so powerful as Dr Wong’s right hand, that he does not need to consult anyone or the Group’s Administration before he makes such an important decision as removing a Member? Yes.

Beware Jimmy Phoon can and will remove ANY MOC member who had paid US$3,750-US$5,000 to join MOC course and MOC international network – without 3 written warnings and no reasons given. Especially if Jimmy finds that you are not “aligned” with MOC philosophy, MLM Business Cult practices, hard-selling pressure to attend many MOC Refresher Conferences, and if you question anything about MOC, and Dr. Wong.


On 22nd May 2019, Jimmy Phoon, Wong’s uncouth right hand man removed me from 4 four MOC WhatsApp groups as well as the MOC Most Aspiring Entrepreneurs (Facebook Secret Group) – without the normal SOP three written warnings and reasons given for removal. Jimmy even gave me the ‘middle finger’ icon before he removed me from the MOC groups.

My removal happened very quickly when I suggested to the group members not to do Roll Calls as every time a new enrollment signs up he or she has to copy and paste the whole previous list. I suggested to use online Google Drive Enrollment Forms instead.

Jimmy was extremely adamant to use Roll Call (as an obvious hard-selling daily reminder to attend upcoming MOC refresher courses); and told me if I didn’t like to see the many Roll Call notifications, he suggested that I leave the group. I replied that Jimmy was rude, and not open to new ideas. He then remove me from 4 MOC lists.

(Note: Jimmy now uses Jimmy Ty-Phoon, a nickname I coined and give him during my J44 Jakarta conference).

Since this member removal incident, I have announced on 29th May 2019:

Effective from 29th May 2019, CEO Robert Chaen and the ChangeU Group of Organizations (i.e. BorneoHunter Executive Search, Movsha Influencers Network, Wentures Capital, Purple Youth CSR) have chosen not to be associated with Wong Jeh Shyan (who has a fake doctorate from Pakistan) and all the first level MLM (MOC Promoters), second level MLM (MOC projects), and third level MLM (MOC Alumni), and anyone associated with Miracles Of Capital.

We cannot support or endorse characters who are although legal but are unethical and who have no integrity, especially Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan – with a fake doctorate from Pakistan.


Do your due diligence and homework.
Just Google MOC, and the Truth will set you free.

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This is a 100% “NO Recommendation”.

Written by: Whisperer Robert Chaen
This is an opinion piece as an MOC Alumni student (J44 Jakarta; 3-5 October 2018) and an Scam Expert evaluation review.

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Published: 18th July 2019.
Updated: 19th July 2019.


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