Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan’s MOC course is LEGAL and truthful but it is too basic and useless knowledge for real entrepreneurs. By the way, “Dr” Wong has a fake doctorate from Pakistan

INIX Dr Wong's Dadabhoy University

In my opinion his most significant MOC module is called Financial Road Map. FRM is actually only a listing of obvious milestones with seemingly complicated calculations in share dilution, PE ratios, amount of funds raised. Most attendees who are not familiar with capital mechanism ae usually at awe by the grand scale listing of milestones to IPO at US$1B as a Unicorn.

Therefore, a US$1B unicorn IPO is the be-all, do-all ultimate aim and destination carrot on a stick that “Dr” Wong keeps remind to keep looking at this huge castle in the air but never offering any concrete step how to actually build a unicorn or to IPO.

‘Dr” Wong’s Financial Road Map of milestones can be obtained for free from Google.

In summary, MOC course is a very elaborate but very basic, simplistic CONTENT OUTLINE but you don’t get any real useful solid information or steps HOW to be an entrepreneur, how to achieve financial success and what it takes to be a real unicorn.

A good analogy is “Dr” Wong promises to make a MOC student into a world-class Mozart-grade Virtuoso.

He then shows you his useless “RoadMap” e.g. you first need to buy a Steinway Grand Piano, then you need a top piano teacher and lots of practice, then you need to attend piano concerts in other cities in the world (the same MOC refresher course with the same outline is taught in 18 countries twice a year), you need to able to calculate budget for your piano lessons, read music sheets, and you need know how to fine-tune your piano, etc.

When you stop to ask him for the first piano lesson he distracts you to other MOC students who can help you but “Dr” Wong himself will pretend to do some real work of consulting advice which is useless, not relevant to your situation (you have to come up with your own business plan and marketing).

The impressive “to do list” goes on and one. All this FRM Roadmap is only a list of milestones – not actual applied knowledge.


The second good analogy is “Dr” Wong spend the most time designing the MOC Content Outline pages like in the very popular “For Dummies” book series. Browsing in a bookstore at any “For Dummies” outline pages is super impressive as it appear to cover comprehensively every area of the subject, and you’ll be impressed with the most important front and back covers of  For Dummies book.

But after you bought the book, you may discover the knowledge is too basic and may only cover one paragraph long for very complicated topics and you feel cheated.

In same way with For Dummies books analogy, there are no MOC workbook given even with the exorbitant prices (US$3,750 to US$7,500 for MOC).

‘Dr” Wong and his second tier MLM promoters like Precession Capital (“Nash” Nazril Idrus) or Ladies Powerhouse (Connie Low) will hard sell and pressure you to take refresher courses in Poland, Vietnam, and numerous useless post-course like Merger & Acquisition (useless when you are not even got funding from Co-Founders) or the CXO Series for CEO-COO-CFO which info you can easily google.

“Dr” Wong offers no specific 1-on-1 advice. He distracts his MOC Alumni with Red Herrings, and keep raising FALSE HOPES of Unicorn in MOC students. He just wants you to keep retaking the same Refresher Course (costing RM4,000) and taking more and more expensive post-courses which are true but totally useless info to build a solid business plan and strategies. 

With “Dr” Wong’s MOC distractions and vague useless information, you will never reach your destination of IPO/ Unicorn. You keep spending money to take useless expensive refresher and post-MOC courses.

MOC False Expectations & False Hopes VS. Reality.
It is so sad that majority MOC students really convinced that their business can IPO and be a US$1B Unicorn.

I interviewed 9 out 10 Ladies PowerHouse Speakers – all of 9 sincerely believe their business can IPO as a US$1B Unicorn – when they don’t even have any market share or new solid product category. It is extremely difficult to create an innovative business concept and plan, and sustain a unicorn.

If one studies capital, stock market and financial industries, one will realize that the only miracle in capital is compound interest.

The fact that “Dr” Wong uses the word “miracles” is clever way to screen out serious people who are well read and knows capital knowledge. When you google the word miracle, you will find 99% sarcastic references that the word miracle is linked to fake financial miracles and scams. By raising false hopes of a get rich quick financial miracle, MOC attracts greedy,get rich quick individuals.

Another of “Dr” Wong’s signature concept is to cross the chasm and be a Level 6 Red Dot i.e. a CEO who is outside of the operations team. He quotes the very rare Level 6 “Ghost” Red Dot (a non-operational Chairman of Board of Director) examples of Bill Gates, Softbank’s Masayosi Sun and Jack Ma who recently retired from active operations to be an financial educator and speaker.

What “Dr” Wong does not highlight is most unicorn CEOs like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk work very long hours as Level 4 Red Dots CEOs (in operations with direct reports and HODs). They have no intention of crossing “the chasm” to Level 5 Red Dot (still in operations, but with no direct reports).

Dr. Wong Level 6 Red Dot is an illusion and delusional fantasy as he himself is so hands on teaching with no successor lecturer. Dr. Wong is a Level 4 Red Dot.- not a Level 6 Red Dot.

We investigated “Dr” Wong’s background.
His Wikipedia profile is written 3 months earlier with multiple unverifiable comments in nearly sentence. We suspect “Dr” Wong has been covering his tracks and erasing his past failures. He has never IPO anything.

From what I know only one MOC alumni (https://www.smile-link.com/) in the last 10 years has IPO-ed, let alone become a unicorn. A few days before Smile-Link IPO-ed on 23rd April 2019, we checked the website, it was shocking only a shell design with no write-ups. (Note: since then the website has significantly more materials).

None of his current 6-7 MOC poster success stories like ALPS, Fashion Library, and UncleZam have IPO-ed.

When I made congratulated Dato’ Rayson Wong (not a relative of “Dr” Wong) about being the first ever IPO, “Dr” Wong corrected me as commented this is 15th IPO to date.

But I asked around including Precession Capital no one could tell me the names of the other 14 MOC Alumni IPOs. Therefore, I can only conclude that there is only one IPO from the MOC Alumni. I’m still waiting for solid information from “Dr” Wong, Jimmy Phoon, and any MOC alumni to name the the first 14 IPOs by MOC Alumni.

I find it unbelievable from a PR point of view if really there was a successful IPO or Unicorn from any MOC Alumn , any marketer will be bragging about their one and only successful IPO story, wouldn’t you? Since all their promotional materials are boasting the implied promise that MOC can help you IPO and be a unicorn.

Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan has grandiose aspirations to be the new “PayPal Mafia” World Order (which includes Elon Musk). He really believes he can create a new capital mechanism-based world order.

Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan has another grandiose ambition to be the new “Melissa & Bill Gates Foundation – to give charity. But so far I can only see RM20,000 supposed to be given to Palu Tsunami (2018) victims via MOC Indonesia. But there are no visible proof of this donation.

There are no visible proof of CSR projects that MOC or Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan are involved in.

To be fair, the only saving grace is “Dr” Wong has created a MOC network of good business people who are not scammers, and the MOC Alumni do help each other.

I can tell that after 10 year of MOC, Dr Wong is hoping that a few of current batch of MOC students will “blunder into success” but I don’t see any current MOC business concept becoming a US$1B unicorn. You also don’t hear anything from the earlier batches of MOC such as MyBurgerLab, and Oren Sports.

I joined MOC because of my personal trust of a royalty friend who recommended MOC, even though she has never taken the course herself. There are many legitimate celebrities and business owners who trusted their friends and joined MOC which why so many trust “Dr” Wong and did not bother to vertify his background.

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The Conclusion:
“Dr” Wong Jeh Shyan and Miracles of Capital is a perfectly legal but unethical. MOC is a very elaborate, deceptive commercial scam, charging extremely expensive but useless, general information which is irrelevant to an entrepreneur, with high-pressure selling to take refresher courses. MOC does not work and cannot make your business IPO or become a Unicorn. It is indeed sad that “Dr” Wong keeps feeding MOC Alumni delusional, false hopes, and the grandiose dream of becoming a US$1 billion unicorn.

Scam & Cult Expert

Written by Whisperer Robert Chaen
International Scam and Cult Expert

CEO of Wentures Capital and the Host of Movsha Influencer Show

Published: 5th July 2019.




Fake Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan and Miracles of Capital (MOC) Review:  0 | 10
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