Traveling Dream Magnet Box – to Manifest The Law of Attraction.

Put Your Hand-written Dream-Wishes and Pics into a Box.
Pay It Forward When Your Dreams Come True.
– by sharing with others about the Traveling Dream Magnet Box and giving some donations or service to 2 needy strangers or friends.


Angel Wishes Box

My favorite Law Of Attraction Dream Box which I gave to my  late wife and guardian Angel Brenda

I’ve used the Dream Box for many years under numerous Box Titles and variety of Box types – but the Law of Attraction Dream Box Ritual is the same.

My latest Dream Box is a simple, small Tupperware plastic box for easy traveling and compact packing.

I’m now re-writing the content of a Dream Maker Box (title not finalized yet) for LOVE 18C Chocolates which I’m involved as an Investment Fund-Raiser (pitching for the Hong Kong Franchise and possibly for China Franchise), Ambassador, and Chocolate “Santa Claus” (it’s so fun to see the sheer joy and pleasure when giving way free LOVE 18C chocolates.

We’ll now in the process of selecting 200 Empowering Malaysians to give a free box of 16 Chocolates to Pay It Forward. Project is scheduled to start in September 2019 – in time for Year-End Gifts and Christmas season.


I’m officially in next week’s RISE Conference 2019 CREW (volunteer).
It’s very hard to be selected as a RISE Crew as their standards are world class conference.

RISE: Asia’s biggest Tech Conference:
● 100+ Countries ● 71% Senior Management
● 700+ Journalists ● 350+ Speakers ● 16,000+ Attendees

I manifested only 4 days ago.
I put a hand-written note into my traveling, ordinary, plastic “DREAM MAGNET BOX”, and today my dream-wish came true.

Gratitude to my Liberty Triple Angels of Love-Truth-Light.

I also sign up to be a Team Leader in: Speakers / Investors / Media.



Give your dream box a personal name that most appeals to you.
My favorite Dream Box Names:

[ ] Dream Magnet
[ ] Dream Giver
[ ] Dream Finder
[ ] Dream Wisher
[ ] Dream Maker

Published:  3rd July 2019.
Updated: 4th July 2019.