After 8 months of research as a MOC student (group code: J44 Jakarta; 3-5 October 2018; course fees: RM19,988 /pax), this is my expert evaluation and review about Wong Jeh Shyan and Miracles Of Capital (MOC).


MOC J44 Jakarta Group.jpg

MOC J44 Jakarta group attendees @RM19,988 /pax; Recourse fees: RM2,788 /pax (red circle on Robert Chaen)


My Cult & ScamBusters Team includes famous award-winning American Investigative Journalists as well as American professional stock traders who studies and researches NYSE and global stocks, IPOs, CEO speeches to detect and identify any inconsistent Logical Fallacies. – that may affect the outcome of stock prices.


(Chinese: 黃哲賢 pinyin: Húang Zhéxián )
Wong Jeh Shyan is a Malaysian architect turned financial guru speaker. He is the creator of the 3-day Miracles Of Capital Conference since 2008.

Wong is well known in the speakers circuit in 17 countries especially in Malaysia as one of the most expensive wealth conference. Conference fees range from RM15,000 to RM30,000 (US$3,750 – US$7,500).

The MOC Alumni over the last 10 years is around 4,500 students. I estimate only less 10% are active as the membership of “MOC Most Aspiring Entrepreneurs” Secret Facebook Group was less than 500. I was removed from this FB group around 18th May 2019.

There are many dubious activities that the Malaysian public and the other 16 countries public where MOC operates need to be aware and be warned about Wong Jeh Shyan, a predatory financial “vulture capitalist”, who has a fake Doctorate from Pakistan.


I invite Investigative Journalists from local Mainstream Newspapers and Online News in the 17 countries that MOC operates – to take over this ongoing Expose of Wong Jeh Shyan and Miracles Of Capital.

The legal but unethical practices of Miracles of Capital is of great interest to the newspapers’ readers.


1. South Africa
2. Thailand  (Promoter/Organizer: Sujata Bhatia)
3. Brunei
4. Taiwan  (Promoter/Organizer: Martin Chou)
5. India
6. Macau
7. Japan
8. Philippines
9. Malaysia  (Promoter/Organizer: Precession Capital CEO: “Nash” Nazril Idrus)
Precession Capital promotes “Principles Of Capital” (@RM5,500) – a simpler, more practical but still useless generic info as Robert has attended POC too.
10. Singapore
11. Vietnam  (Promoter/Organizer: Marcus Leng)
12. Poland
13. Australia
14. China
15. Indonesia  (Promoter/Organizer: Desy Eriangga/ Rika Handayani)
Mauritius, Sri Lanka  (Promoter/Organizer: Shine GoGlobal: Ayyappa Dass) are next in 2019.

NOTE: In Hong Kong, in some cities in China, and in more and more sections of Malaysian industries, the name of Wong Jeh Shyan’s bad reputation and MOC “stinks to high heaven”.

Therefore, Wong, his right hand Jimmy Phoon, MOC Promoters, and MOC Alumni will move on to other Cities and Countries who are ignorant of Wong’s unethical MLM practices.


Miracles Of Capital’s 13 Legal But Unethical Practices (MOC):


1. Wong Jeh Shyan has a fake doctorate from Dadabhoy University, Pakistan (Read HEC bans two universities:

INIX Dr Wong's Dadabhoy University

Wong Jeh Shyan’s doctorate comes from Dadabhoy University, Pakistan which the HEC (Higher Education Commission) has enforced a ban on admissions in 2017.


I suggest to all MOC students to stop calling Wong Jeh Shyan alias Húang Zhéxián a Doctor as they are propagating an unethical business lie.

2. Wong Jeh Shyan resigned before EGM of INIX Technologies Holdings Bhd. was called to remove him as a director: (reason for removal to be investigated).

3. It is known practice of Dr Wong Jeh Shyan to charge 20% of company shares for being a company director and workshop lecturer. Wong will involve other MOC Alumni to network and help but he himself was known not to do any consulting work, or offer any vital business advice.

Compare this with a professional Investment Banker who has do a lot of consulting work and pay millions to obtain 20% shares of a company.

4. MOC is operates like an elaborate Business MLM Cult – with Dr. Wong right on the very top who benefits the most.

First level MLM are MOC Promoters & Direct Associates with Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan such as:
Jimmy Phoon (Dr. Wong’s right hand man)
Dato’ Rayson Wong (Alphacap Bhd Venture Capital)
Precession Capital Bhd. (CEO: “Nash” Nazril Idrus), Precession Australia and Ladies Powerhouse (organizer: Connie Low of Fashion Library Bhd. and Food Bar).

Second level MLM are MOC Alumni Projects such as:
ALPS Bhd (Dr. SK Tham), Fashion Library Bhd. (Connie Low), UncleZam Bhd. (Zamsaham).

Third level MLM are MOC Alumni in 17 Countries:
Dr. Wong and his MOC Promoters are constantly peer pressure hard-selling of MOC Refresher Courses at US$1,000 all MOC Alumni from 17 countries where MOC operates.

5. Wong and his first and second level MLM Project key players are known to raid old companies, empty the company of its assets and then try to get investors to invest in the “new” shell company.

6. Wong presents at least 30% from Google throughout the 3-day MOC Conference.
100% of MOC knowledge is legal but unethical as most of the content are useless generic information which anyone can get for FREE from Google.

Wong is so lazy that he did not bother to repackage google info into a PowerPoint presentation but present straight from Google.

The MOC course is LEGAL. We ran through the MOC course outline and contents with various Investment Bankers, CEOS, CFOs, they feedback is MOC is practically USELESS on how to IPO a business plan.

MOC is useless knowledge that will not help anyone IPO or become a US$1B unicorn.

There is no such thing as ‘miracles of capital’.
The only miracles of capital is compound interest.

My Experience and Assessment of Wong Jeh Shyan’s 1 Hour One-on-One CEO sessions:
In my one-on-one private session with Dr Wong he repeated useless generic garbage from the 3-day MOC Conference and linking me to his MOC network.

In my second private session (RM500) with Wong, when my team and I were presenting our pitch, 90% of the time he was totally distracted and was playing with his mobile phone.

One of our 4 team members who was sitting behind Dr. Wong confirmed he was playing with Facebook photos and posting photos on many MOC WhatsApp groups which he was constantly hard-selling.

My private session lasted only 14 minutes with the only advice to contact another MOC Alumni student. There were no feedback advice on our pitching – NOTHING. A total waste of RM500.

Nowadays Precession Capital Bhd. is charging RM500 per person for a 1-hour private session with Dr. Wong.

Wong did not give any useful, professional advice in any areas, but he was so lazy he pass you to his lower levels MOC leaders to network.


7. Wong claims he was the former CEO of CommerceNet in Singapore but a quick google search and all contact numbers of CommerceNet are dead.

All the website and other sources say was CommerceNet is non-profit organization helping startups in Singapore.

Wong has changed from giving almost free advice (non-profit) to charging ultra-exorbitant fees for his useless generic financial information.

8. Only ONE Penny Stock IPO by MOC Alumni in the last 10 years of existence since 2008:  Smile-Link Healthcare Global Bhd.

Yet all MOC promotional materials claim MOC can get your organization to IPO and become a Unicorn startup valued at minimum US$1 Billion.

When our Scam & Cult Investigative Team checked website a few days before and a week after their IPO, the website was barely a skeleton with only buttons – very unprofessional, careless, and irresponsible not to have any content in the website of a newly IPO-ed in the LEAP.

Bursa Malaysia’s third market, also known as the Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Platform (LEAP) Market, is the third and lowest level of public-listing of “PENNY-STOCKS” (a common stock valued at less than one US dollar or RM1, and therefore is highly speculative).

Wong Jeh Shyan is pushing MOC Alumni to IPO, to public-list in this lowest and easiest level of IPO as a PENNEY STOCK to attract gullible, speculative investors.


9. MOC is a MLM Business Cult – hard-selling you to attend endless Recourses in 17 Countries

Wong brainwashes MOC Alumni to repeat MOC Refresher courses many times to get “HIGH” that they will be the future tycoons and give FALSE PROMISES that he can help you IPO your business and be valued as a US$1 Billion Unicorn Startup.

Wong, his right hand Jimmy Phoon, and their organizers like Precession Capital Bhd. and MOC in the 17 Countries will constantly hard-sell you on taking numerous recourses at US$750 to US$1,000 per recourse.

Even pitching your business idea at new MOC conferences are not free – US$1,000 per for a 10 minute pitch. But the MOC Conference audience is the WRONG audience for MOC Students as most participants are there to learn to how to get funding from others – majority MOC students are NOT investors.

10. Wong distracts MOC student with the “Miracles Of Capital” that will fulfill MOC students’ aspirations.

In reality Wong distracts MOC students with “Red Herrings” of other successful IPOs such as Uber around the world.

Most MOC students including MOC Second MLM Level Bhd. companies are all stuck in CO-FOUNDER level.

One of my fellow J44 Indonesia, Arifa Tan was so brainwashed that she was so thankful to “Dr” Wong for showing her to get her first Co-Founder. It’s common information that the first investors you approach is the 3Fs: Family, Friends & Fools.”Dr” Wong did not reveal anything new about getting Co-Founders in his BS, useless, “revolutionary” Financial Road Map (FRM) which is MOC’s most important and most substantial information in the 3-day Conference.

Wong doesn’t want MOC students to get to Private Equity or Investment Banking level – because all PE, IB, and Marketing professionals we approached critiqued that the MOC approach and too simplistic FRM milestones do NOT work in real business.

If MOC students ever “stumble into success by accident” with a good concept and get real Investment Banking or professional Marketing advice, Dr. Wong knows he will lose these more savvy MOC students.

Wong and his MOC Promoters will lose a major profit from MOC Refresher courses if MOC students go ahead to Angel Investor or Private Equity level.

One American Scam Expert revealed to us that Dr. Wong secretly wants MOC students to be totally dependent on MOC, to keep making money by brainwashing MOC students to keep attending countless MOC Refresher Conferences and supporting courses such as Merger & Acquisition when this phase is way too far in the future for MOC students.

11. Over-emphasis on IPO and pumping you “HIGH” to be an Unicorn startup.

Wong’s Financial Road Map to IPO is simply a milestone outline which no specific knowledge on HOW to implement the steps needed to IPO

The most significant concept in MOC is Wong’s Financial Road Map (FRM) getting funding and diluting shares to get funding from Co-Founders, Angel Investors, Venture Capital firms, Private Equity firms, Investment Bankers.

Wong’s FRM is simply a milestone plan, it is not a road map as it does not tell you HOW to get funding, or how to IPO.

The analogy is “For Dummies” books – they spend the most time and energy designing the best outline and the front and back book covers which are the most read by potential buyers. But if you really look at the individual chapters and sub-topics you may only find one or two paragraphs of vague knowledge which are not useful.

Ladies Powerhouse Speakers.jpg

Robert Chaen and his ChangeU Team were in charge of Videography and Photography, and video editing of over 10 Videos which were given free to Connie Low (first level MLM MOC Promoter), the Organizer of Ladies Powerhouse

Esther Law Interview - Banner.jpg

No permission will be allowed to publish the above two edited photos (created and the property of  Robert Chaen & ChangeU) as Robert Chaen and his ChangeU Group of Companies have chosen not to be associated with Wong Jeh Shyan and anyone with Miracles Of Capital as they cannot support or endorse characters who are unethical and who have no integrity.

Case-in-Point: When I interviewed 9 out 10 Speakers at the Ladies Powerhouse Conference, most of them actually really believe that their business can IPO with a US$1 Billion valuation
– yet none of them has any significant market share in their product/service category.

This is how brainwashed MOC students can be.

BERHAD NOTICE: I noticed nearly all the Ladies Powerhouse speakers use Bhd. in their company names. Although a Berhad is legal, and you must use a ‘Berhad’ company in Malaysia if you have more than 50 Shareholders.

But I was told that a Berhad gives the obvious impression and implication the company is ‘public-listed’ as all public-listed companies must be a ‘Berhad’. This is one of the many legal deceptions of MOC practices.

(NOTE: these 9 videos on the Speakers of Ladies Powerhouse Conference were instructed by me to be taken down from all my group of companies’ extensive social media such as Movsha Influencers Show, and YouTube channels).

12. There are no emphasis on Marketing or CMO

It is absolutely shocking that no Marketing Mechanism was mentioned in MOC. CMO is not even considered as one of the 4 most important C-level Executives. There is no mention of CMO. Only CEO, COO, and CFO are mentioned in MOC sessions.

13.  Wong is an officeless parasite.

Wong does not have an office. He abuses his authority that MOC students will willingly lend their office to his use. For example Dr. Wong regularly use Connie Low’s Fashion Library chairman’s office in Mitraland, Kota Damansara, PJ, Malaysia and her Food Bar for free food.

Because students have “invested” a lot of money to attend MOC courses, they have a logical fallacy of “SUNK COST” – sometimes people invest themselves so thoroughly in a project such as MOC that they are reluctant to ever abandon it, even when it turns out to be fruitless and futile.


Why am I the best expert to reveal Wong Jeh Shyan shady business activities:

On 3rd to 5th October 2018, I paid RM14,999 and attended the first Miracles Of Capital Indonesia Conference in Jakarta.

Although I met quite a few sincere entrepreneurs, I had many doubts and questions about the credibility of MOC approach by the Founder Wong Jeh Shyan.

I showed MOC materials to my professional business associates in PWC, Merrill Lynch, and other investment bankers for feedback. They all consistently told me that the information given during the three Conference is basic finance topics which are easily obtained for free in Google.

On 22nd May 2019, Jimmy Phoon, Wong’s uncouth right hand man removed me from 4 four MOC WhatsApp groups as well as the MOC Most Aspiring Entrepreneurs (Facebook Secret Group) – without the normal SOP three written warnings and reasons given for removal. Jimmy even gave me the ‘middle finger’ icon before he removed me from the MOC groups.

My removal happened very quickly when I suggested to the group members not to do Roll Calls as every time a new enrollment signs up he or she has to copy and paste the whole previous list. I suggested to use online Google Drive Enrollment Forms instead.

Jimmy was extremely adamant to use Roll Call (as an obvious hard-selling daily reminder to attend upcoming MOC refresher courses); and told me if I didn’t like to see the many Roll Call notifications, he suggested that I leave the group. I replied that Jimmy was rude, and not open to new ideas. He then remove me from 4 MOC lists.

(Note: Jimmy now uses Jimmy Ty-Phoon, a nickname I coined and give him during my J44 Jakarta conference).

Since this member removal incident, I have announced on 29th May 2019:

Effective from 29th May 2019, CEO Robert Chaen and the ChangeU Group of Organizations (i.e. BorneoHunter Executive Search, Movsha Influencers Network, Wentures Capital, Purple Youth CSR) have chosen not to be associated with Wong Jeh Shyan (who has a fake doctorate from Pakistan) and all the first level MLM (MOC Promoters), second level MLM (MOC projects), and third level MLM (MOC Alumni), and anyone associated with Miracles Of Capital.

We cannot support or endorse characters who are although legal but are unethical and who have no integrity.


#RobertReview (Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan, Miracles Of Capital):
0 | 10

This is a Strong NO recommendation as Miracles Of Capital is an obvious money-making business with a Business MLM Cult structure of hero-worshiping of Wong Jeh Shyan – who has a fake doctorate.

MOC is useless generic information which you can get for free from Google.
Cut your losses with MOC and join real Pitching and Incubator groups.


Written by CEO-Celebrity Whisperer Robert Chaen
International Scam & Cult Expert.

This a product review as a MOC student and an expert opinion piece.
Robert’s biodata:

Scam & Cult Expert



● Robert and his ScamBusters Team discovered Wong Jeh Shyan has been covering up his 10-year scam past.
● Dr. Wong’s latest Wikipedia was posted around April 2019.
● Robert believes he is the first person to write a public exposé about the fake Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan and his Miracles Of Capital (MOC).

13. Sazzy Falak

CEO-Celebrity Whisperer Robert with Sazzy Falak and Craig Santy, Hollywood Producer of Resident Evil and Looper.

WHY was Robert so stupid to pay RM14,998 to attend MOC Conference:
MOC was introduced to Robert by a royal Tengku friend of his. When Robert attended a MOC preview on 4th September 2018, he met an old friend, Sazzy Falak. Sazzy’s husband is “Nash” Nazril Idrus, CEO of Precession Capital Bhd. – the First Level MLM MOC Promoters for Indonesia and Malaysia.

Robert made a very expensive RM14,998 mistake because of his own logical fallacy – Robert bought MOC because he trusted the credibility of 2 Celebrities who endorsed MOC.

But Robert has transformed his RM14,998 mistake into one of his biggest RM14,998 Investments and Life Lessons from the Universe.

Please help pass this SCAM ALERT about the fake Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan and his Unethical Miracles Of Capital (MOC) >>

Published: 24th June 2019.
Updated: 2nd July 2019.



NOTICE TO ALL MOC ALUMNI – from Robert Chaen and his ScamBusters Expert Team:
Leave Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan and Miracles Of Capital (MOC) as soon as you can, and your life and business will most likely to improve.

Dr. Wong and his Country Promoters are mainly interested to MLM peer pressure you to attend countless MOC Refresher courses and useless generic supporting classes (e.g. CXO, X10, IPO Tutorial Series, Reactor Campus Road Show, etc).

Robert Chaen, his ChangeU group of companies, and his Movsha Entrepreneurs & Influencers Network have chosen not to be associated with Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan and anyone with Miracles Of Capital as they cannot support or endorse characters who are unethical and who have no integrity.

Leaving is all I have to make you understand, MOC Alumni.jpg


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