Exactly 4 years ago Trump ran for President. And the media and people laughed…
“Trump may win again because what he is saying and tweeting are what many Americans dare not say or tweet. Think about it.

Americans deserve Trump.”
~ Whisperer Robert Chaen

“Donald Trump got people to take notice all right, but I never thought someone with negative ratings as high as his could capture the nomination.”

“There’s a theory that Trump’s presidential campaign was a publicity stunt gone awry, a real-life version of The Producers, where an enterprise designed to fail became an accidental success.

“Only Mr Trump knows the truth, but his pugilistic brand of politics capitalised on a moment in American history when just enough voters were fed up with the status quo to take a chance on an unlikely outsider.”

The fact Mr Trump was not an establishment politician, and could shake up the system, was a factor his supporters went on to regularly cite for why they loved him.

Trump the performer could take up all the oxygen of the other candidates, predicted Chris Cillizza, now of CNN.

He will interrupt, bully and seek to dominate the debate in ways that will make it impossible to get a word in edge-wise,” he wrote.

“Trump today is the same as candidate Trump in 2015,” he says. In the 2020 presidential election, Mr Goodman predicts Mr Trump will leave a “lot of people scratching their heads again”.

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The day Trump ran for president (and what people predicted)

Published: 16th June 2019.



Trump may win again because often times what he is saying and tweeting are what many Americans dare not say or tweet. Americans deserve Trump.