About Dirty Vegas’ video plot symbolism:
The best part of the video is the ending.

He went against all odds and obstacles and was focused on reaching and touching the heart of her.
He gives and turns his original Key of Life to ‘activate’ her and starts a relationship.

The ‘Her’ can symbolize the Key Of Life.

That’s what my WHISPERINGS SERIES is about –
Turning The Key Of life symbolizing your purpose, passion, aspiration, causes, values, charity, and connecting with people you truly love or care about.

Let my Whisperings with Guardian Angels and Influencers turn your Key of Life in little and life-changing ways.

When you don’t know where to go…
you know I’m always there for you…
I love you all, readers.

My song to you (watch video): http://tinyurl.com/yxjlw28v

Written by: Whisperer Robert Chaen

“Do What You Feel” Lyrics
by Dirty Vegas
Writer(s): Per Kristian Ottestad, Steven Smith, Carl Martin Emanuel Ryden, Paul John Harris

You are a miracle
Don’t let nobody tell you anything else
You are so wonderful
Cuz’ they don’t know you like you know you know yourself

Cause the hardest part is the hardest part when you don’t know where to go
And the longest mile is the one you take when the road runs out of road

Do what you feel
Do what you want to do
Do what you feel
When it all comes down to you


Published: 14th June 2019.




The Symbolism of “Do What You Feel” Lyrics