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I finally established an international virtual free movement I feel deeply passionate about like a spiritual calling and Vision-Mission-Purpose. I simply call it “SPIRI”.

It’s about being “Spiriconscious“:
Consciously practicing seeing the Soul-Spirit, and choosing not to see the body, race, religion, money, possessions, name and fame.

It’s about being “Spirisexual“:
Finding spirituality sexually attractive, appealing, and arousing.

SPIRI is a new way of living and a best way of being – yet incorporating timeless philosophies and ideologies.

It is universal as it applies to anyone, any race, any religion, anytime, anywhere, and anybody in the Universe.

SPIRI is not a new religion, or organization.

SPIRI is the result of more than 5 years in-depth research into the meaning of life, the Seven Dimensions of the Universe, Big Karmic Debts, and many topics about love, truth, light & darkness, and The Afterlife.

It all started from a very profound and personal tragedy…
… the death of my late wife of 17 years (1996-2013), business partner and co-coach, Brenda José. But I rather call death as a crossing-over to The Afterlife.

In the last 25 minutes of Brenda’s life on Earth, we had the most incredible telepathic conversation which was fully documented in my personal Facebook account. Brenda made me promise in  her death bed to surrender to God and surrender to her, if not she would not leave.

It turned out Brenda wanted me to fulfil our Twin Souls Mission.
It took one full year before I could connect the dots i.e. to decipher Angel Brenda’s Code, to understand her angelic whisperings to me. I became The Angel Whisperer for Angel Brenda.

The Angel Whisperers’ roles are writer, speaker, thinker, and channeller for Angel Brenda. Quite a few times, I needed to write and publish topics that are highly controversial topics like MH370. In my Afterlife research I never come across anyone who has the most number of irrefutable Afterlife Signs like Angel Brenda.

SPIRI is a new paradigm shift in consciousness; in how we view sex, money, and power;  a new way of seeing beauty, health, wealth, wellness, leadership, managementt, finance, marketing, career, and business; a new mindfulness of other’s sensitivities, grievances, sadness, depression, and grief; a new awareness in transforming the 9 Deadly Vices into 9 Discipline Virtues; a new acceptance of self-esteem, age, age difference in relationships; a new ownership of one’s Dark Secrets, Family Dark Secrets; a new character of integrity, ethics, and charity; and very importantly a new purpose and meaning in life.

I have incorporated SPIRI in my latest version of corporate training as an integrated learning module in my six ChangeU signature programs especially in Papillon-Butterfly Life Changing Principles Program and DragonCEO & Self-Mastery PowerWorkshop.

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Welcome to The Incredible SPIRI Movement, the Global Silent Wave of SPIRI.


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Written by Whisperer Robert Chaen
Founder of the SPIRI Movement
Creator of “Spiriconsciousness”- the practice of seeing the Soul-Spirit, and choosing not to see the body, race, religion, money, and
“Spiritsexual” – the love that goes beyond the lust for the body and money.

Published: 13th June 2019.
Updated: 14th June 2019.


I’m not advising that you should and can achieve several hours of Spiriconsciousness, it would be impossible, desirable and not practical. When we live a normal life, we need to deal with real human beings which all their human flaws.

What I’m advocating is to practice a few minutes up to 7 minutes of Spiriconscious Meditation daily the first thing in the morning. This 3 to 7 minutes of Spiriconscious state of mind daily will be enough to recharge your inner batteries, and see the world in fresh new eyes and experience rather than be conditioned by past history and past reality.

This daily Spiriconscious meditation.

You will come across the 9 Deadly Vices, you just need to transform the Negative to Neutral, and if possible transform the 9 Deadly Vices into the 9 Discipline Virtues daily.

For example you can use and transform anger into passion, lust into ambition, jealousy into competitiveness, pride into confidence and conviction, greed into goals, gluttony into appetite, laziness into cleverness and efficiency, addiction into creativity, and attachment into focus.


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Spiriconscious Movement: Can I play with Your Soul-Spirit? I choose not see your body, race, religion, money, possessions, name and fame.



SPIRI Consciousness is changing the way we view fellow human beings , and inspiring love beyond the lust for the body and money.