If “sapiosexual” is finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing, then “spirisexual” is finding spirituality sexually attractive, appealing, and arousing.



As defined by Urban Dictionary, a sapiosexual person is someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature for a potential sexual relationship. The origin of the word comes from the term “sapiens,” which means wise or judicious, as well as the word “sexual.”

What are the 4 Major Differences between Spirisexual and Sexual?
● Seeing the body has countless limitations.
Seeing the Soul-Spirit is unlimited.

● The human body will 100% get old, sick, and will one day die.
But the Soul-Spirit lives forever – it never ages.

● If you lust after the body, you’ll never be fully satisfied sexually, emotionally, and mentally.
But if you love the Soul-Spirit, you are loving the Soul-Spirit’s virtues, values, and validity.

● Sex is all about “Alpha” power, control, dominance, ego trips, money power, dependencies, addictions, attachments (for either gender)
Being Spirisexual, you let go of all forms of control and just be.


How to be Spirisexual
● Firstly, practice seeing the beauty of the Soul/ Spirit of a particular human being whom you are most fond of, most admired, or most want to be. It’s a lot easier to fall in love with someone who is most adorable.

● Instead of you seeing the 10% Above Iceberg (outer beauty), you try seeing the 90% Below Iceberg (inner beauty).

● Secondly, you practice seeing the beauty of the Soul-Spirit form your most admired and the most you want to be down to your most hated person – step by step, one level less until you can see beauty even in Hitler, Trump or Hillary.

Yes, Adolf Hitler had many virtues e.g. animal welfare, anti smoking campaigns. When war came to Germany, Hitler and the Nazis took care that about 2 million children. they were brought to places where they were taken care of far away from bombing, danger and destruction. This was called ‘Kinderlandverschickung’.

Yes, list down at least 10 things good or even great about Donald Trump.

Thirdly, be grateful and reasonably contented for whatever you have at this moment of time.

Fourthly, Focus on being positive, if not at least be neutral.

When you are overly negative, vengeful, bitter or angry, you’ll make mistakes in decisions and will hurt yourself MORE than you hurt others.

There are three options in life: being negative, being neutral, and at best being positive.

Calm and be mindful first before you act.

Fifthly, seeing the Soul or being Spirisexual is seeing: * Principles  * Virtues  * Qualities  * Greatness  * Attributes


What are the Benefits in being Spirisexual?
You are free from all judgments, and human comparisons, what a human have or don’t have.

You don’t play human games e.g. mind games, control, dating, arrogance of beauty, etc.

● When you are Spirisexual, you no longer see race, religion, God, name, fame, fashion, money, possessions,

● Your body has a name, and a religion which your were born with, but the Soul-Spirit has NO body, no name, no God, no friends, no enemies, no possessions, nothing.




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Written by Whisperer Robert Chaen
Creator of SpiriSexual word, and the Founder of the Spiriconsciousness Movement

Published: 12th June 2019.
Updated: 13th July 2019.



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