Solidarity With Hong Kong Against Extradition Bill.


I think most Hongkongers are accepting of Extradition to Democratic Western Countries. But Hongkongers are highly suspicious of countries with massive Human Rights abuse such as Mainland China; and other Sharia-Law areas such as Brunei, Aceh, and Saudi Arabia.

Three years ago, there was a mysterious disappearance in Hong Kong. There is a bookstore businessman who has published a number of books that Chinese leaders hate, and then on the streets of Chai Wan, disappear.

Customs showed he did not go out of the country, but he went to the mainland strangely, and was seized by the public security.
The missing incident shocked all over Hong Kong. Because according to the basic law, is the Chinese public security not able to catch people in Hong Kong, so is the book business being forcibly kidnapped and smuggled back?

However, future public security does not have to be so troublesome. As the Hong Kong government decides to amend the fugitive offenders ordinance, when the chief executive agrees, the Hong Kong police can arrest the book dealers and return him to the mainland directly.

The fugitive offenders ordinance in the basic law is a very important law. When Hong Kong residents have committed felony crimes in foreign countries and fled to Hong Kong, we can transfer him to a foreign court to bring to justice. But there is a limit to this law that makes it clear: we can’t transfer the fugitive to the other parts of “China”. so-called “other parts of China”. mainly referring to the mainland, including Macau and Taiwan.

So there was a tricky situation: in February last year, a Hong Kong resident was arrested after he escaped from Hong Kong, but he was unable to return to Taiwan for trial. In the case of the case, a one-time agreement could be signed with Taiwan to transfer the fugitive as soon as possible. However, the Hong Kong government believes that the better way is to amend the fugitive offenders ordinance as soon as possible, so that the restrictions within it can be completely blocked, so that the “Loophole” can be completely blocked.

This approach has sparked huge panic and protests. Hong Kong has been having more freedom and personal rights than the mainland of China, even after the return, it still retains independent justice. However, China’s judicial system is completely different from Hong Kong, and human rights records have also been worrying that Hong Kong residents will not be able to get a fair hearing once they are sent to the mainland court Can you even be free from torture? A lot of people are not confident.

In 126 regions of the world Hong Kong’s rule of law is ranked in 16th, and China can only rank 82th. But it is suppressing news, imprisoned journalists, and China. Often the top. One person raised criticism that the government did not love to listen to, and was arbitrarily charged with the charges, and the sentence was taken, and this happened in China.

The sound of opposing fixes is getting bigger. However, with the support of the Chinese government, the Hong Kong government is still insisting on it. Legal experts have pointed out that the restrictions on the fugitive offenders ordinance are not “loopholes” from the beginning, but to the protection of Hong Kong residents. The City will be in jeopardy after losing its original protection, freedom and the rule of law.









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#SolidarityWithHongKongAgainstExtraditionBill to Countries with Massive Human Rights Abuses like China and Sharia-Law Countries.