My Third Bicycle Fall (not bike accident) within 3 months in 2019 happened tonight 6th June 2019 at 8:28 pm – as I had a Triple Premonition of Bicycle Falls for 2019.

I view these 3 bike falls as a “Lesser Karma” in exchange of my doing Good Karma and averting a much “Greater Karma” of say a bike accident which I had 12 years ago after Christmas 2007 in the same Year Of The Pig. I lost my 2 Front teeth in that 2007 bike accident in front of First World Hotel. Luckily no truck or bus immediately ran over me on the road, or I had neck or spine paralysis.

My bike front wheel got totally caught in a drain grill gap. My head hit the road in full force and caused a brain concussion – which luckily I didn’t remember anything from one second before impact for at least 15 minutes of my first ever coma.

All my knuckles lost the skin (until today I bear knuckle scars). I had a long cut across my face from mouth-chin to forehead, could not save my 2 front teeth. The Israeli Dentist at University Hospital Dental ER gave 20+ anesthetic jabs in order to stitch up my extensive inner mouth and lips injuries.

I had my first MRI Scan done but was grateful for no brain injuries.

The first bike fall this year was a total surprise as I was bike accident-free and bike fall-free for the last 12 years. I wanted to avoid crashing into a couple and tonight I chose not to crash into motorbike which zoomed in front of me in the pavement walkway outside Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

On the second incident my bike stalled as I tried to pass through a very narrow pavement blocked by a motorbike.

Because unconsciously I was prepared and expected the Third Bike Fall to happen this year, I sensed and I averted a “Greater Karma” from happening. All three bike falls were on pedestrian walkways.

One cannot under-estimate the effect “Angelic Intervention” and averting a “Greater Karma”. The famous author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Stephen Covey had a bicycle fall and died from it.

NOTE: I’m NOT hurt or injured. Many thanks for all your well wishes.
But you know what, any type of fall is a SHOCK to the whole body and it sends shock waves of warning and alertness to be more careful of the future.
A fall is likely your Angels are telling you something… just see if you are mindful enough to understand the likely Angelic message.


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Published: 6th June 2019.