Why is over 30% Dr. Wong’s MOC – presented from GOOGLE?

Most Professional Presenters would put whatever was researched from Google into a properly designed in a POWERPOINT presentation.

Is Dr. Wong so damn lazy as to present so much from Google.

If you present 3 or 4 times in one-day workshop it may be acceptable.
But if Dr. Wong presents over 30% from Google – then MOC is plain lazy and unprofessional.

MOC information is LEGAL BUT UNETHICAL to charge for useless free generic Google information.

If you need information which you can easily get from Google for FREE, why are you paying US$5,000 for MOC

You can learn from Google and YouTube for FREE, therefore MOC should be 30% FREE.


We are sorry but we’ve chosen not to associate with anyone in MOC.
(Ministry of Commerce)

Do your due diligence and homework.
Just Google MOC, and the Truth will set you free.

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Published: 2nd June 2019.
Updated: 4th June 2019.