Just last night my Mum told me that back when I joined a Religious Cult she became very distraught.

She recalled going with my Second Aunt (“Yee Yee”) to a Psychic-Fortune Teller to ask for advice and predictions

The Psychic was from my hometown Ipoh who predicted that my brother Andrew and I will have a second wife. First time ever I’m hearing this.


Anyways, I’m glad I’m didn’t hear this earlier because it might have influenced something.

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Wow! To think that I wanted to be a Celibate Monk for the rest of my remaining life – after cobwebs had covered my manhood, and going through the toughest late age circumcision any guy can ever endure.



Yes, at a very late age I had circumcision.




At University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. Read my original FB posting: https://tinyurl.com/y673dbr6


A Word of Advice to those who are thinking of Circumcision – after they are over 21 years: Don’t do it. (WARNING: Graphic painful description ahead)

I had to “bandage” my manhood for 1 year with medical gloss as the remaining foreskin must be pulled back and stitched into the penis so that there is no flapping foreskin (I was not warned that this is the circumcision procedure).

But throughout the first year there were tears in the original integrated foreskin. (So you can forget about sex for 1 year unless you want torn goods).

For one year I felt real weird that I was constantly “naked” as I feel it totally exposed without the foreskin. You’ll feel the constant rub of clothes.

Please do it, guys, seriously!
Thinking it will be cleaner has no benefit.
Just do it – whatever you need to do to clean or oil your machinery.

Sorry, I had to GET IT OFF MY …

I mean I’m technically kosher to marry a Jew or halal to marry a Muslim, you know what I mean.
My late first and only wife Brenda José was a Hong Kong-born Portuguese.

So… should I go for pure Jew, pure Chinese, Asian (anyone from Vietnam to Persian are Asians), pure European, American, Australian, or Eurasian/Amerasian for the best of 2 worlds? What do you think, readers?

My eldest brother Tom had a second wife and vegetarian cafe business partner – a young Cambodian. Now… did the Psychic mistake Andrew or myself for Tom as he didn’t mention a second wife for Tom…

Written by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Published: 20th May 2019.

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